Ballzeria System

The Ballzeria System

Ballzeria is a system that consists of nine planets all destroyed by Buster. The system's name is never actually given, but it is presumably the Ballzeria System. The main inhabitants of this system are the Fleas and Buster.

Ballzerias 1 - 8

Not much is known about Ballzeria 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8, but judging from their remains, they looked a lot like Ballzeria 9 and likely had the same environments and architectures before being destroyed by Buster.

Ballzeria 9

S1e8b Planet that looks like a ball

Ballzeria 9, the final planet of the mentioned system, was destroyed in "The Ball". It was a lush, green world with grassy plains, clear rivers, bright purple skies, and lovely marble architecture and columns which dotted its cities. After Ballzeria 9 was destroyed, the inhabitants went to their spaceship, with their plan being to continue floating in space until they ran out of food or oxygen.

However, thanks to a plan hatched by Wander, the fleas went to live on Buster, the dog that destroyed the planet. 

Ballzeria 10

In "The Matchmaker", a Ballzeria 10 is mentioned by Sylvia. Indicating that either the Fleas renamed Buster or that they moved to a new planet again.


  • This is the third planet to be named.
  • At the end of "The Ball" another system is shown to exist "next door" to the Ballzeria System which instead consists of planets resembling yarn balls and it is implied that they instead have a gigantic cat to deal with.

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