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  • ToyBonnieSenpai


    Today is that very special day...

    Today is when I  arrived on here as WolfWarrior123! 

    And I came in a FNaF phase...

    • pig squeals*

    Anyways, I am so glad that I met you all! So glad! You all have been a big part of my life! I am so HAPPY! 

    That's all I have to say, unfortunately.  :<

    But see ya later! 


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  • Woybff

    Sunil:Suemail time! (on the computer)

    Homestar:*pours Mountain Dew on it*

    Sunil:Not my G70, Homestar. What the crap did I do anyway?

    Homestar:Woybff is in her room. You weren't a really good friend, so I poured Mountain Dew on your computer.

    Sunil:So what did I do wrong?


    Sunil:But it's not in your character to cry, Sylvia.

    Sylvia:I need to cry for Wander. He's gone now. Also I was going to cry anyway.

    Natalite:Can we go look for a legendary item?

    Homestar:No, Woybff is dying inside.

    Sunil:Homestar just show me.

    Homestar:Alright. *walks up to Woybff's room with Sunil*

    Sunil:*finds a note by her Baby Einstein DVDs and VHS* "Burn at all cost."

    Homestar:Why would she want us to burn those. We can't burn her childhood.

    Sunil:Only Strong Bad c…

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*runs out of her room* Good morning, Wander.

    Wander:Hey Woybff. What do you want to do today?

    Woybff:Nothing with you, Wandie. Today I going on a date with Reynold.

    Wander:That's nice sweetie. *walks into the room* *screams out the window*

    Sylvia:Wander is everything okay?

    Woybff:I'm going downstairs now. *walks downstairs*

    Wander:*walks out* Our lil' Woybff is growin' up.

    Sylvia:How could you tell?

    Wander:She use to not find love in Homestar Runner and loved Fisher Price, but now she loves Homestar Runner and hates Fisher Price like a grop ton.

    Sylvia:I have noticed.

    Wander:At least I thought she liked Fisher Price.

    Sylvia:Wander, there's nothing I can do.


    Strong Bad:*runs her* Where's the Bebot? I came here to break it when I heard …

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  • Woybff

    Sylvia:The table's set, the dishes are cleaned, and that should be it.

    Rainbow Strike:Sylvia?

    Sylvia:Yeah Strike?

    Strike:What is a The Cheat?

    Sylvia:I'm just gonna have to show you the Homestar Runner wiki definition.


    Woybff:*hugs Sylvia*

    Sylvia:I see you too. I'm not trying to-

    Woybff:It's not about that Syl.

    Sylvia:Hm? What's the matter?

    Woybff:I had a nightmare.


    Sylvia:What happened.

    Woybff:I was at school. I was punching people, I yelled at Stellar, and I didn't have a shirt on. Also I didn't get eat anything because some idiot dropped my tray.

    Strike:But you were in-

    Woybff:Nothin' Idk.

    Sylvia:Maybe you were role playing as Strong Bad.


    Wander:He's here.

    Strong Bad and The Cheat:*walk in*

    Strong Bad:It's so nice of you,…

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  • ToyBonnieSenpai

    Wolf is Back! :D

    April 12, 2017 by ToyBonnieSenpai


    I mean...

    Hai guys! I am back! If you didn't know, I was threatened on RaeBae Wiki. (I don't even want to know what happened to it...-_-) So I left..and made a new account: TheEmeraldJibanyan404 ! Yep..I like YoKaiWatch..but anyways, I am finally back! 

    Thank you for reading this small blog..Bye bye! 


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  • Woybff

    Strong Bad:*knocks on Woybff's door*

    Woybff:*hugs him* What the crap happened?

    Strong Bad:Well my dear Woybff sadly I had to protect little Amadeus.

    Woybff:He's not that little. He's only fourteen.

    Strong Bad:I know, but I'm his favorite character. I don't want him to like Dumps or The Cheat more than myself.

    Woybff:I know. Come in.

    Strong Bad:*walks in with Woybff*

    Woybff:While you were gone Sunil and I showed The Cheat a brand new world.

    The Cheat:*runs to Strong Bad* *hugs him*

    Strong Bad:You showed The Cheat a actual real world?

    Sunil:No we showed him Baby Einstein.

    Strong Bad:That's not a good idea.

    Woybff:He only liked Baby Neptune and Baby Noah.

    Sunil:We didn't show him Discovering Shapes or any video in 2006 or after except for Discovery Kits.


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  • Woybff

    Woybff:Come on guys.

    Strong Bad:So it is World Autism Day?

    Jubilee Jigsaw:Yes Strong Bad.

    Andrea:So this concert it supporting awareness or acceptance?

    Woybff:Acceptance I believe. *enters the door with the rest and Homestar* We got the front sits. There's Amadeus.

    Jubilee:Who do you know it's him?

    Woybff:He's writing a name tag.

    Strong Bad:Maybe Edward put it on his son so the other kids won't bully him.

    Amadeus:Hello Miss Woybff.

    Woybff:You can call me Woybff.

    Amadeus:*looks towards Strong Bad* Holy crap it's Strong Bad.

    Strong Bad:Yeah dude.

    Amadeus:Can you sign my music book?

    Strong Bad:Alright. *signs it*

    Homestar:Can I sign it too?

    Strong Bad:*hands it back to Amadeus* Well it's just that Strong Bad is my favorite.


    Amadeus:Thanks Strong …

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  • Woybff


    Sunil:Aren't these gray clouds delight?


    Sunil:What are you doing Homestar?

    Homestar:I'm drawing McDonalds.


    Homestar:You'll find out later today.

    Sunil:Okay I guess...Oh yeah, Woybff you have important guest.

    Woybff:Alright. Wander.


    Woybff:Take care of Homestar.

    Wander:Yes ma'am.

    Woybff and Sunil:*walks out*

    Homestar:Why do I need to be watched?

    Wander:I guessin' all those recalls.

    Sunil:You need to hang out more with Wander. He misses you.

    Woybff:I watched with him when were at Violet's Thursday.

    Sunil:Oh yeah.

    Woybff:So who's this special guest?

    Sunil:He's a guy.

    Woybff:It is Mike?

    Sunil:If it was Mike or Matt I would tell you sweetie.


    Sunil:Woybff this is Mister Garrut. Garrut this is Miss Stars…

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*writing in a blue notebook*

    Sunil:*leaves the castle* *cries*

    Zylon Dragon:*walks in* *gives Woybff some sunglasses*

    Woybff:Wot in Sunglassnation.

    Zylon Dragon:Well at least you said thing normal.

    Woybff:I still don't understand. Why did you give me these sunglasses?

    Zylon Dragon:Because...well you know.

    Woybff:What do you mean?

    Zylon Dragon:*rumbs her head* Well the thing that going to make the next month a little more special for you.

    Woybff:That wasn't a great reason to give me these. I would rather have a Baby Einstein DVD or a Homestar Runner DVD. Still it would be a bad reason.

    Zylon Dragon:Yeah but everyone likes to laugh at you for being autistic.

    Woybff:Well maybe some people, but I bet two people love me.

    Zylon Dragon:Wander and Sylv…

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  • Woybff

    Homestar:*walks to Sylvia* Hi Sylvia.

    Sylvia:(on the couch and drinking coffee) Hi Homestar.

    Homestar:Where's Woybff?

    Sylvia:She's still in bed.

    Homestar:*looks at the clock* That's not normal, she should be up by now Sylvia.

    Sylvia:I'll check on her. *walks upstairs* *knocks on Woybff's door* Woybff?

    Woybff:Come in.

    Sylvia:*walks in* Hi Woybff. Is everything okay?

    Woybff:No. Go get me some kinda puke pail.

    Sylvia:Alright. *walks down stairs to Homestar* What's a puke pail?

    Homestar:Sylvia you don't know what a puke pail is?


    Cilan:Basically just a bowl or bucket. Don't you remember that red pail on Blue's Clues?

    Sylvia:No it wasn't in the Mattel recall.

    Cilan:*gives Sylvia a bowl* I'd hate to see Woybff with the stomach bug.

    Homestar:Me too.…

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*wakes up*

    Homestar:Happy birthday Woybff

    Strong Bad:Yes happy birthday, Love. *carrying his and Homestar's presents*

    Woybff:It's so nice to be a teenage again. Not worrying about princess duties while Sunil broke my answering machine.

    Homestar:How'd he do that?

    Woybff:Someone couldn't stop calling me, and my new teachers requested that I could brake it. I told Sunil to do the honors.

    Homestar:Well The Chaps wanted me to inform you that all those people back in Wally wish you a good birthday.

    (Woybff at school)

    Girl 1:*laughing*

    Woybff:(thinks) It's my birthday. Not no should be laughing at me.

    Girl 2:Oh hello.


    Girl 2:I know what would make you feel better. *hands her a sheet of clowns*

    Woybff:*runs away* (thinks/sing) And clown's a m…

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*wakes up*

    Strong Bad:Hello Woybff how did you sleep?

    Woybff:Not very well. How did you get into my house?

    Strong Bad:I picked the lock. You should get better security.

    Woybff:It would be get.

    Strong Bad:Also if you're gonna leave here I'm gonna prank call you and your family a lot.

    Woybff:Yes! But you always prank called me back at the castle.

    Strong Bad:Yeah those were for Wander. He fell for some.

    Woybff:Yeah I remember one. If you stand in the middle of a train road Diesel Ten will come and ask to be good. I remember you said  you were Sir Topham.

    Strong Bad:Remembered that one time when I called Wander, and I told him I was Lord Hater and I told him I was gay. Did he really believe me?

    Woybff:Yeah. You asked him out. He said yes. Then he…

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*playing with Komasan* I love you Sweetie.

    Sunil:*behind the door* I'm sorry my dear.

    Komasan:Oh Mama, Papa. I love you too.


    Komasan:*runs to hug him* How?

    Komajiro:Sunil brought me back.

    Komasan:*hugs Woybff and Wander* *leaves with Komajiro* Bye Mama.


    Homestar:*hugs her*

    Sunil:*walks from hide*

    Wander:What was that for?

    Sunil:You'll see.  I invited Strong Bad over.

    Strong Bad:*walking to the castle*

    Dominator:Hi Strong Bad.

    Strong Bad:Whoa some ugly green lady.

    Dominator:I'm not ugly.

    Strong Bad:Yes you are.

    Dominator:Kill me if I'm ugly.

    Strong Bad:*drops a anvil on her* There you are dead. What fun. *laughs*

    (back to Woybff; powerful glow)

    Homestar:Woybff. Look at your crown. Two red stars.

    Woybff:That's not right.


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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*playing with Thomas*

    Sunil:What are you doing with the trains?

    Woybff:Homestar and I wrote a story to highlight this episode..

    Sunil:What happened? Where Homestar?

    Woybff:Sit down. Also Homestar's in the bathroom. At least you and him will always be mine. Maybe Strong Bad too.

    Jubilee:Hey Woyzie.

    Sunil:Woybff is going to be-even older so don't call her that.

    Jubilee:When's your birthday?

    Woybff:March 3rd-

    Sunil:That's right. Wander can't even come on her special day. That's stupid. He's been her friend for while. It's a shame that Girl #3 is actually older than this OC, so she could possibly be the Queen. That is also stupid.

    Homestar:*comes out*

    Woybff:Did you wish your hands?

    Homestar:Y'know I better do that.

    Sunil:*laughs* Woybff he doesn't …

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*hiding under her bed*

    Homestar:It can't be that scary.

    Woybff:Oh it is Homie. He's my least favorite artist.

    Homestar:Come it sounded like Handel or Telemann as you call them.

    Jubilee:*runs upstairs in tears* I'm sorry I lost Wander.

    Woybff:Well because of Wander's dumb thinking she gets to be princesses, but I get to be queen. Since Dominator is dead, and something Lauren told me almost two years ago.

    Jubliee:So who is girl number 3 anyway, and what does she want with Wandie?

    Woybff:Only I can use that nickname, Jubilee.


    Woybff:I came up with it.

    Strong Bad:Woybff, I heard a fan of Baby Crapstein needs to talk to you.

    Woybff:Don't talk badly about my special interest please Strong Bad. That shows means a lot to me. Yesterday it …

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  • Woybff

    Jubilee:*walks into Woybff's castle while she and Rainbow Strike are talking* So what are you guys talking about?

    Rainbow Strike:Sylvia, who else?

    Woybff:I need to teach her the true art of singing.

    Rainbow Strike:Why you?

    Woybff:I got a award from it.

    Rainbow Strike:True.


    Woybff:You know Wandie watched me grew up to be this awful monster I am today.

    Jubilee:Your not a monster, but can I see have Wandie.

    Woybff:*gets triggered*

    Rainbow Strike:Maybe Wander should choose. There's this awesome game show that will do just that.

    Jubilee:What do you mean?

    Rainbow Strike:You never heard of song. It's basically a pun. Go in the name of Love is the name of it.

    Jubilee:What do you say Woybff?


    Rainbow Strike:We need four more girls, and tw…

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  • Woybff


    Woybff:Yeah sweetie.

    Komasan:This paper I found on the desk says if you leave Wander that I can't be his son.

    Woybff:*looks at it* It's a letter, son.

    Peri and Jubilee:*walks in*

    Peri:I won't do it.

    Jubilee:I want to do it.

    Peri:Fine, I bet she'll say no.

    Woybff:Say no? If I told Sunil be could hang out with Coach Z than whatever you say I would probably say yes.

    Jubilee:Yeah can I have Wander as my Senpai since you have Homestar?

    Peri:She has Sunil too. Also Cilan and others.

    Jubilee:Can I?

    Woybff:Do you want my crown too? I'm gonna be crowned queen in some number of days.

    Jubilee:No I just want Wander.

    Woybff:I'll think about it. *walks into her bedroom*

    Peri:Told you this would happen.

    Homestar:Jubilee it's time to stop in the name of-


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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*sits on the roof*

    Wander:There's the sun, huh Pumpkin?

    Woybff:Wander get Sylvia now!

    Wander:Alright. *walks downstairs* Hey Sylvia. Woybff wants to talk to you on the roof. Don't be scared.

    Sylvia:I'm the tought one of all you. Not counting Strong Bad.

    Wander:Well you both tie for that.

    Sylvia:*walks upstairs* Hey Woybff.

    Woybff:Hello Sylvia.

    Sylvia:Is there something you want to inform me?

    Woybff:Yeah. You have to take me out of school.

    Sylvia:What's going on in your school other than them giving you homework?

    Woybff:Oh Sylvia. Remember along time again probably when you said no boys needed to be touchin' me?

    Sylvia:I don't think I said.

    Woybff:I remember when I was like third or fifth grade I think Lauren told me I shouldn't have a boyfriend …

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:Wander, Homestar and I are gonna go in that woods.

    Wander:Okay come back when you were done exploring.

    Homestar:*starts to sing the Dora the Explore theme*

    Woybff:Homestar please stop it.

    Homestar:Oh yeah the lead thing. I'll try to do better than Mike. *walks with Woybff*

    Wander:*reads while Cilan is cooking*

    Strong Bad and Sunil:*walk in*

    Sunil:That's was so cool we burned that all those Fisher Price baby swings.

    Strong Bad:And the only reason Mike agreed to it because Woybff said he could of killed his children. I can't believe he believed it.

    Sunil:That's easier to not believe in Woybff. I think someone did that to her twice, but she was wrong half that time.

    Strong Bad:Which recall was she right on?

    Sunil:Oh these dolls Mattel made that r…

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*sitting in her room with BE music on*

    Sylvia:That poor kid.

    Wander:Aren't we gonna do something about it?

    Sylvia:I know what's wrong Wander. I don't know how to go about the problem.

    Wander:Well what's the matter?

    Sylvia:I think I'm going to talk to Rainbow Strike. He can help.

    Wander:Why him?

    Sylvia:You know they go to the same school.

    Wander:So does Sunil.

    Sylvia:Well I guess your right, but I think I would benefit from Strike.

    Wander:You just wanna go on a date with him. Your a terrible foster mom for not talking to Woybff about whatever this is happening. You just think Strong Bad and Homestar will solve the problem. They might be giants online, but they don't know about Woybff. Heck the only I know about the show is that Trodgor day was…

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  • Woybff

    Wander:*walks down stairs* What's all this?

    Sylvia:Oh yeah I forgot to tell you. We're having a party for a special person.

    Wander:Is one of the Care Bear Cousin?

    Sylvia:No it's a Homestar Runner character, Wander.

    Sunil:I got the fancy cheeses ready Strong Bad.

    Strong Bad:Place them on the table, Sunil.

    Sunil:*places them there*

    Wander:Who is it Sunil?

    Sunil:Some big, scary dragon Strong Bad drew.

    Strong Bad:That big, scary dragon has a name Sunil. It's Trogdor the Burninator.

    Wander:That sounds like Lord Dominator.

    Woybff:Lady Dominator.

    Sunil:We never say her name again.

    Strong Bad:Today is a special day, we don't mention are enemies.

    Homestar:*runs downstairs* Are we ready for the Trogdor dinner?

    Strong Bad:*moans* Yeah.


    Strong Bad:We …

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*playing with trains with Homestar and Sunil*

    Sunil:And Thomas crashed into a tree.

    Woybff:*crashes Thomas into a tree*

    Sunil:Than Sir Topham came to Thomas and harshly spoke...

    Homestar:*moves the figure to Thomas* *talks in a voice like his* Thomas it's time to stop. Where the crap are Annie and Clarabel? Who are Annie and Clarabel?

    Woybff:*kisses Homestar* I couldn't help myself.

    Homestar:*laughs* Aw Woybff.

    Sunil:Wait did she just kissed you?

    Homestar:Yeah it's cute Sunil. Did you ever kiss her?

    Sunil:Once when Cilan cooked a meal for us before we met Wander.

    Homestar:Did Woybff ever kiss Wander?

    Sunil:Lots of time.

    Homestar:I wonder how many people ship us.

    Woybff:I think Coach Z does.

    Sunil:Well I just hope Wander doesn't get all jelly agai…

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  • Woybff

    Wander:*carrying a bag* Woybff are you okay? You laying on the couch had me worried.

    Woybff:Well it's embarrassing.

    Wander:Okay that's all you have to say.

    Woybff:What are you doing?

    Wander:I'm going to the gym.

    Woybff:Wander, you have a nice body to where you don't need it.

    Wander:Everybody needs a bit of walkin' a day.

    Woybff:Really I heard differently in my Heath class.

    Wander:Well your tummy is good enough.

    Woybff:Thanks Wander.

    Wander:And if Homestar tells you any different kill him out.


    Wander:See ya later Woybff.

    Woybff:Bye Wander.

    Wander:*walks out*

    Homestar:*walks in with Pom Pom* Drop him on the floor, Pom Pom.

    Pom Pom:*drops a box*

    Homestar:Oh Woybff this is Pom Pom, Pom Pom is this Princess Woybff Luna Stars. She's my crazy fangirl…

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*trying on her new dress* This will look lovely for the dance.

    Stars:Yeah I'm gonna take Jacob. Are you going to take Wander?

    Woybff:No I'm taking someone else.

    Stars:*gasps* You're talking someone else, but Wanbff is like an OTP of mine.

    Woybff:Oh you missed that whole shipping war.


    Jubilee:*walks in* Are you girls ready.


    Rainbow Strike:*in a suit and tie walks in* Why did Woybff faint. *looks at Jubilee's dress* You know Autism Speaks is bad?


    Sylvia:*walks* You are wearing a new dress.

    Stars:Woybff's dresses aren't going to fit her.


    Stars:Are you going, Sylvia?

    Sylvia:Yeah Rainbow Strike wanted me too.

    Sunil:I'm not going.

    Stars:Why not?

    Sunil:Oh none of the girls wanted to go with Russell or …

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*locks her door to her room*

    Wander:(Why did Woybff lock her door?)

    Strong Bad:The enemy is gone.

    Wander:Is that good or bad?

    Strong Bad:It has nothing to do with that.


    Strong Bad:But I would investigate if I were you.

    Wander:Alright. Can you tell Homestar to say out of my way.

    Strong Bad:I loved too.

    Woybff:Thank you so much.

    Strong Bad:*walks away*

    Wander:*knocks* Woybff, it's Wander. Let me in.

    Woybff:*unlocks the door* Oh Wander. You're here for the big news I have for Komasan.

    Wander:Okay...*walks in* *shuts door*

    Woybff:Komasan I know you have been waiting for this for a long time.

    Komasan:Yes I have.

    Wander:Woybff you're going to leave me?


    Komasan:First tell me how many days you'd be the Homestar Runner clan?



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  • Woybff

    (Stellar is in the castle with Woybff and Wander.)

    Woybff:It's time to end you.

    Stellar:*rolls eyes* Why can't you let it go?

    Strong Bad:*watching from the closet* 'Cause you probably need glass. Woybff isn't ugly.

    Homestar:That is true.

    Woybff:That gives me a great idea. Sylvia give a firework.

    Sylvia:Please Woybff. Let's not do this.

    Woybff:It's the only way I'll let it go.


    Homestar:What do you think is happening next Strong Bad?

    Strong Bad:Their gonna probably tie Stellar to a rocket.


    Strong Bad:No one says that anymore.

    The Cheat:(I want to watch them shoot her.)

    Strong Bad:Yeah so do we.

    Sunil:Are you fine lads really to see Stellar die?

    Strong Bad:Yes.

    All four:*watch from the living from*

    (plays a bit of Tear In My Heart …

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  • Woybff


    Homestar:*opens* Oh hello I am the-

    Andy:*drags Homestar to the camera*

    Homestar:What are you doing?

    Andy:We just need to do this for are news station.

    G3 Pinkie Pie:*starts rolling*

    Andy:This is Homestar Runner. The new face, here at Woybff's castle. Homestar do you have a few words to say?

    Homestar:Well...I'm happy to be here with Woybff. Sometimes even Strong Bad would come over to hang out with Sunil. This a nice place here. We have a cook and everything. We even got a indoor pool now. It was in the works when I came for my interview to live in this castle.

    Andy:That's wonderful. Anything else?

    Homestar:Nope I'm fine.

    Andy:See ya later.

    Homestar:Bye. *walks back in*

    Andy and G3 Pinkie Pie:*leave*

    Star:Wasn't that great Midnight? We sa…

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  • Woybff

    Sylvia:Woybff what's the matter?

    Woybff:We are too late.


    Woybff:I have robbed you of your future?

    Sylvia:No sweetie, without you I would die.

    Wander:Hi Woybff *walks in Homestar* do you have any duck tape?

    Homestar:Holy crap what's that.

    Wander:*covers Homestar's eyes*

    Homestar:Come on Wander I want to see.

    Woybff:No Homestar can't see it. He'll believe all that bull crap from them. *watches two men walk to the castle door* *hides behind Sylvia*

    Wander:Homestar go call Strong Bad and the Watch Cats.

    Homestar:Yes Wander. If you can let me see.

    Wander:*uncovers his eyes*

    Homestar:*screams* *runs to the phone*

    Wander:What was all that about?

    Man 1:*knocks on the door*

    Wander:Maybe it's Josh Dun.

    Woybff:No it's not Wandie.

    Wander:*walks to the door…

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  • Woybff

    Sunil:Now were gonna melt your face Barbie. What do you have to say about? *Barbie voice* I love Ken. *normal* Well Ken is a stalker, so that's why you should die. *throws Barbie in the fire*

    Strong Bad:*laughs* Yeah, have fun learning the hard way.

    Sunil:Okay who should do now? Chelsea or this teenage with a bun in the oven?

    Strong Bad:They made that?

    Sunil:Hard to believe, I know. Mattel is probably more stupid than Homestar.

    Strong Bad:With all these recalls compared to Hasbro it is mostly fact.


    Woybff:Sunil. *tears up* I'm scared you will run away again.

    Sunil:Why would I run away?


    Sunil:Woybff it's been three years get over it!

    Woybff:That one time with Homestar-

    Sunil:I don't care.

    Woybff:*runs into the house crying*


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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*walks outside her castle* Hi crowds, this is your princess. I need to get threw to pick up a cake for Joey. It's his birthday.

    Little Blue Kacheek:*walks to Woybff in a Wander shirt* Princess, will you marry Wander?


    Coach Z:*pushes Kacheek* No marry, Homestar Runner. It's a terrific athlete.

    Woybff:I'm not that old. Uh...I can't I just get the cake?

    Peepers:Screw you all. Woybff X Peepers is so such better!

    Angry mods:*chase Peepers*

    Peepers:There you go, sweetie.

    Woybff:*runs to the store* *runs out of breathe*

    Sunil:I knew you would run out of breath. So I got the cake first. Also what's with the deal with those shippers.


    Sunil:Let's go back to the castle and straighten this out. *teleports with Woybff to the castl…

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  • Woybff

    Sylvia:*gets Woybff into a red dress*

    Woybff:Do you think people will like I'm wearing read instead of orange.

    Sylvia:I told you. Your family would love you if you didn't love Wander as much.


    Sylvia:*puts on her crown* Hey that lavender star is gone.


    Sylvia:*shrugs* Are you really to go to church? It will just be you and Apollo this year. Moonbeam maybe dead.


    Apollo and Woybff:*walk into Violet's ship*

    Sylvia:Bye Woybff.

    Homestar:*runs by the door* Goodbye my sweet.

    Violet:*drives away*

    Sylvia and Homestar:*get back inside*

    Sylvia:Alright are all ready to wrap presents?

    Wander:Of course, Syl.

    Homestar:I'll try my best. Where's Sunil?

    Sylvia:Oh he's at Strong Bad's place. Remember?

    Sunil:Merry Decemberween. *hands hi…

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  • Woybff

    Wander:Homestar, get off that DSI.

    Homestar:Woybff wanted me on her DSI, she wanted me to see her photos. I think she locked her SD card.

    Wander:Well you'll get to learn about that 'cause the more you know, the more you grow.

    Zim:LIES! YOU LIE!


    Zim:I just came here to pick up some eggs. I need to show you something Wander. Homestar, you stay here. It's for your own freakin' good.


    Wander:*walks to the computer with Zim*Oh she probably found a really bad recall.

    Zim:Wander, you theory is bad.

    Wander:*makes it with Zim* What did you find. *looks at the R34* *faints*

    Zim:See Wander. You lie 'cause there is R34. How do you feel, Woybff?

    Woybff:I need brainwashing. I blocked and reported them.

    Zim:Good for you. I don't know an…

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  • Woybff

    Sunil:*on the phone* It's just you're my friend. Did I hurt you? *hangs up* *carries a bucket*

    Woybff:Where are you going Sunil?

    Sunil:I'm giving Strong Bad a bucket to repair are friendship.


    (an hour later)

    Sunil:*knocks on the door*

    The Cheat:*opens it*

    Sunil:I have a gift for Strong Bad.

    The Cheat:*lets him in* *takes him to Strong Bad*

    Strong Bad:*watching Yo Gabba Gabba* (thinks) This show is pure crack. Why did Matt and Mike work on it. Nevertheless why did Craig work on it?

    Sunil:Strong Bad...why are you watching this?

    Strong Bad:I want to see why Mike and Matt were working on it. Anywho what's that.

    Sunil:Strong Bad be my friend again. I'm sorry I am friends with Homestar. Take this bucket.

    Strong Bad:*laughs* I'm still your frien…

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  • Woybff

    Homestar:*looks out the window when he woke up* It snowed last night!

    Woybff and Sylvia:*having hot chocolate*

    Woybff:Why do people call it hot choco instead of hot chocolate?

    Sylvia:Shorter term I guess. I have no idea.

    Homestar:(dressed) Hey Woybff and Sylvia. It snowed at last night.

    Woybff:*laughs* Oh Homestar.


    Sylvia:It's just frost.

    Woybff:I want it to snow on Christmas.

    Sylvia:Well today is the first day of Winter. It could be possible to snow on Christmas day.

    Woybff:We need Decemberween, Homestar.


    Sylvia:I need to run a little task. You and Homestar.


    Sylvia:I need you all to get a these items from the store. I can trust you both right. You two need to say together.

    Woybff:You know we can't drive.


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  • Woybff

    Wander:*holding hands with Woybff on Sodor* I will always love you. Even if you love these trains.

    Woybff:Aw Wandie. You and I are gonna be forever.

    Wander:Woybff I brought something for you.

    Woybff:Yes Wander?

    Wander:*gives Woybff a TTTE DVD*

    Woybff:Thank you, Wander!

    Wander:*gets shot in the back*

    Mickey Mouse:*laughs*

    Thomas:I'm telling Sir Topham.

    Mickey Mouse:Snitches are b*****es.

    Wander:*wakes up* *gets up* Sylvia?


    Wander:I had that dream that I got shot by Mickey Mouse like that day Woybff and I when to Sodor.

    Sylvia:I don't remember that.

    Wander:You weren't there Syl. The only witnesses were Woybff and Thomas.

    Sylvia:I'm sorry, Wander. How long have you been having that dream?

    Wander:Since Homestar moved him.

    Sylvia:You need to email, …

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  • Woybff

    Wander:*looks at a poll* (thinks) It looks like everyone likes me more than Homestar for Woybff's Senpai. I don't if they guess it yet.

    Rainbow Strike:Hey Wander where's Woybff?

    Wander:She's in a counseling session with Homestar. She said the meeting would be better for Woybff, but I don't see it Strike. What if Woybff is a asked a question she's uncomfortable answering to Homestar.

    Rainbow Strike:Well I guess that would be a problem. Where's Sylvia?

    Wander:She when to pick them up. Oh if Homestar says he drove, he didn't.

    Rainbow Strike:Oh okay.

    Wander:She should get home soon.

    Rainbow Strike:What are you doing on Woybff's Google+ account. First I watching Homestar Runner, and I couldn't log off for some odd reason. Now I'm just being noise and …

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:Hi Wandie.

    Wander:Good morning, Woybff. You see the roads are bad.

    Woybff:Yes I know, Wander. I'm ill now.

    Wander:How come?


    Wander:That's awful. How was last night?

    Woybff:Violet and Hasbro must be stopped.

    Homestar:Hey guys.

    Wander:Oh hi Homestar.

    Woybff:Hey is for horses.

    Wander:We probably can't get her back after.

    Homestar:I know. Harue thinking about kicking me out.


    Homestar:He thinks Wander is a better remodel.

    Wander:Homestar, I'm never getting kick out of Woybff's castle. Right Woybff?

    Woybff:No Wander.

    Wander:Good. Now I can show all the good things about Homestar Runner to Harue.

    Sunil:Don't worry, Homestar. Mr.Stars doesn't like me either, but that was just a running gag we had.

    Homestar:Oh Sunil, Harue will l…

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  • Woybff

    Wander:Good morning Woybff. *rushes with some McDonalds* I got just for you.

    Woybff:Thank you, Wander.

    Homestar:*pushes in a table cart* Woybff don't eat it. I got the all natural stuff for you. Cilan made it.


    Homestar:Aren't a vegan Wander?

    Wander:That's just a rumors spread by fans. What are you doing, Homestar?

    Homestar:I'm saving the princess from death of a killer clown.

    Wander:Oh Ronald McDonald didn't kill anyone.

    Sunil:*walks in* Ronald McDonald murdered these kids because they liked Burger King more than McDonalds. Apollo was the only survivor.


    Homestar:On this table is strawberry waffles and little cup of Greek yogurt. Which would you take?

    Woybff:Your meal...


    Harue:*gets the bag of McDonalds* Don't…

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  • Woybff

    Derpy:*knocks on the door*

    Cilan:Hello there.

    Derpy:Hi Cilan.

    Cilan:Do you wish to come back here?

    Derpy:No thanks I'm good. *gives him a letter addressed to Woybff*

    Cilan:I will give this too her. Have a nice morning.

    Derpy:You too Cilan. *walks away*

    Cilan:*walks to Woybff's room*

    Woybff:*watches Homestar Runner* Bubs, you jerk.

    Cilan:Here Woybff.

    Woybff:*pauses video*Oh hi Cilan. *opens it* Holy crap.

    Cilan:What happened?

    Woybff:Moonbeam can't come home.

    Cilan:She's dead.

    Woybff:She became so mentally ill that she has to stay they for life. Why is that child so crazy.

    Cilan:Well you gonna remember that kid was kidnapped by Barney. Least Wilt and Coco had the guts to save you.

    Woybff:Yeah. So someone can move in Moonbeam's room?

    Cilan:Well yeah.

    Woybff:Oh …

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*draws a comic*

    Wander:What are you drawing?

    Woybff:You and Sylvia.

    Wander:*reads it* That is true, that channel is a mess.

    Strong Bad:*yells by the front door*

    Wander:*walks out* Can you please keep down Strong Bad.

    Strong Bad:I would if The Cheat wasn't jumping off a 100 ft building.

    Wander:Okay. *calls*


    Wander:You need to save The Cheat. He's jumping off a 100 ft building.

    Fluttershy:*screams* Can Twilight do it.

    Wander:Sure just call her. Alright, bye. *hangs up* Twilight will save The Cheat. What happen to the little guy?

    Strong Bad:Oh Matt and Mike let the CGI pals meet him and I.


    Woybff:You don't remember, Wandie. They came on before you're fight with Screwball. I had to go there so much pain.

    Strong Bad:You me…

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  • Woybff


    Wander:*walks to her* Oh are you writing a poem?

    Woybff:Yes I am. I hate that everyone assumes that. Well Wander, you know what they saw on game theory.

    Wander:No I don't.

    Woybff:Did you just want to hear my poem?


    (camera turns over to Sylvia)

    Sylvia:What are we gonna do, Sunil?

    Sunil:Do I look like I know? Look I know Stellar said she would return here. Why even?

    Sylvia:I don't know. She may steal you know who from Woybff.

    Sunil:Just like Papyrus. I won't mind him being Woybff's boyfriend, but I would prefer Wander, Cilan or even the Homestar Runner.

    Homestar:I'll here for tea with the princess.

    Sunil:Yes, right this way. *walks with Homestar upstairs* Woybff, you a visitor.

    Woybff:*hugging Wander* Honey, I gonna have som…

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  • Woybff

    Wander:I got somethin' for you, Komasan. *shows him the toy*

    Komasam:I'm not a baby, Dad. *looks under the neck* It says Fisher Price. Mama's gonna kill you.

    Homestar:What's that. *pushes the button* I think it's a BoBeat.

    Toy:*screams like a demon*

    Komasan:*runs out of room* Mattel is evil!

    Homestar:Oh crap.

    Wander:Uh...well crap.

    Homestar:What did you do?

    Wander:I bought Komasan more Fisher Price toys.

    Homestar:Well you should return them.

    Wander:I brought them on Amazon!

    Homestar:Oh Wander.

    Wander:I don't want to have a bad Chirstmas.

    Homestar:It won't be that bad.

    Wander:Yes because Woybff will be mad at me.

    Box:I see you. *It's the Laugh and Learn Puppy*

    Homestar and Wander:*turned around*

    Wander:*opens the box* Aw it's a puppy. *hugs the puppy* Hi pu…

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  • Woybff

    Sunil:Woybff been a sleep for awhile now.

    Wander:Maybe she won't wake up.

    Sylvia:Well she needs her sleep when school resumed.

    Sunil:I think school got her really upset. I don't recall why.

    Sylvia:You go wake Wander up. I'll look threw her bag.

    Sunil:Okay. I think it was one of her morning classes. They are Speech, Math, Photoshop, and Language Arts.

    Sylvia:Thank you. If I can't find anything I will check the other classes.

    Sunil and Wander:*walks upstairs*

    Sylvia:*gets Woybff's bag* *gets folder and it falls apart* Cilan do you have anymore folders?

    Cilan:*gives Sylvia two* *replaces Speech folder* *looks at her scores*

    Sylvia:Aw she did another recall speech on Chicco. I don't get it Cilan. These are great scores.

    Cilan:Maybe it's not that class.


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  • Woybff

    Woybff:Come on, Sunil.

    Sunil:Aren't you sure your grandparents won't mind.

    Woybff:No just stay with my little cousin. *gets in Violet's space ship*

    Sunil:Do you think Woybff loves her little cousin more than me?

    Apollo:Are you talking about Pluto or Junebelle?

    Sunil:Probably Junebelle.

    Apollo:Most likely. I remember last summer he jumped onto are backs.

    • flash back*

    Woybff:*screams* Grandma call Wander.

    Mary:Oh your fine.

    • flash back over*

    Violet:Is everyone ready.

    Sunil:So do you guys sit a kids table?

    Woybff:It's not that bad because are cousins aren't annoying.

    Apollo:Yeah I like my other cousin, dirty rat.

    Sunil:I'm a mongoose.

    (30 minutes later)

    Violet:Alright we are here.

    Sunil:Do you're family will be okay?

    Woybff:Violet texted them in the ship. Oh it's…

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:*gives a speech to her subjects* *looks sweaty* Do I have to give this speech?

    Sylvia:Do you want people to die because they think Lord Hater has cancer.

    Woybff:Crud Crap! *looks at subjects* Thanks for you all coming. Lord Hater doesn't have cancer. Natalie thought Zim said that instead of what he really said. "You should really play more attention to the baby." Good day. *walks into the castle with sweat*

    Wander:You are really having bad mommy issues. Did you try and tell her about her tone?

    Woybff:Yeah but I think I need my new speech teacher to tell her.

    Wander:If that's what they told ya than I see that could happen.

    Apollo:When is she gonna leave?

    Woybff:She said when Dad gets back she is leaving. It's only two more hours.

    Apollo:I ca…

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  • Woybff

    Homestar Runner:So what are we gonna do Mr.Ruffman.

    Ruff:Ruff would be fine, Homestar. What we need is something for Woybff to want to say in this world, but I don't know what really.


    Ruff:I just don't know Homestar.

    Homestar:Maybe if we got more help, we will know what to do.

    Ruff:True I'll call Commander Peepers to see if he can help us. *makes a phone all*

    Homestar:(thinks) Okay I got all these notes. *bumps into a ray gun* Ruff! *teleports* Holy crap, where I am?

    Princess Luna:Hello stranger, I'm Princess Luna. I am sadly a counselor at this school and not a principal.

    Homestar:Than who is?

    Luna:My sister. It's the sad truth.

    Homestar:At least you gonna job, like my fathers.

    Luna:You came from gay parents.

    Homestar:No their broth…

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  • Woybff

    Woybff:Wander, how much later do I have until I die?

    Wander:Oh less than a century.

    Sunil:Woybff you have a visitor from one of your online friends.

    Woybff:Oh yes she told me Homsar was coming.

    Sunil:You may enter.

    Strong Bad:*enters*

    Woybff:You aren't Homsar.

    Strong Bad:He was sick. Anyway I'm going to read this book to you to make you feel better.(0:35-1:36)

    Woybff:That is beautiful. *laughs like crazy*

    Strong Bad:*gives book to Sunil* Here I have copies of it.

    Sunil:Thank you sir.

    Strong Bad:*walks out*

    Woybff:*laughs even more*

    Wander:Sunil is my job replaced?


    (a day later)

    Hater:This book is great, Lunie. If you only you wrote it.

    Woybff:That's okay. I love that Hillary is it. It's weird that you were gone in the morning.


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  • Woybff

    (on the roof) Woybff:I see death in this kingdom.

    Komasan:What do you mean?

    Woybff:Priscilla Lex and Stellar Rocket are out there causing chaos. What do I do?

    Whisper:Maybe you should hire a Chancellor.

    Woybff:That's a great idea. I just need to Google it.

    Whisper:No need. It means, head of government or education.

    Woybff:Education. *smiles*

    Whisper:(thinks) She'll pick me. Oh joyous day.

    Komsan:Who ya gonna pick?

    Woybff:Ruff Ruffman.

    Whisper:That old hood won't protect you.

    Woybff:Four years on air is pretty job.

    Komasan:Chancellor Ruffman. Well that would be than teachin' kids six to ten how to Google "cone".

    Woybff:Six to ten my imagery donkey.

    Whisper:If you want to hire someone with a mute cat go ahead.

    Woybff:Did you want to be chancellor?


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  • Woybff

    Woybff:Hi Wander isn't it a great day?

    Wander:Please forgive me, my dear love.

    Woybff:I'm not ready.

    Sylvia:*puts Woybff in a big*

    Wander:Come on, Apollo. At least your mother won't drive you.

    Apollo:Do we have to walk?

    Wander:Nope we Harue's other car.

    Sylvia:No Hater's taking us.

    • makes it*

    (camera is Woybff's eyes)

    Wander:Alright we are here. Take off the bag.

    Sylvia:*cuts it*

    Woybff:Oh crap I'm at the dentist.

    Wander:And we have made sure Screwball take of your doctor like last time.

    Prisclla Lex:Hello Woybff I'm here to do your teeth.

    Woybff:Sylvia get her out of here and tell the my doctor.

    Sylvia:This is your doctor Woybff, Dr.Clackmen.

    Woybff:No Sylvia this isn't her.

    Apollo:How many times have I got fillings?

    Prisclla Lex:Six.

    Apollo:Woybff has a poin…

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  • DropPopFantasy

    (Hello my lovelies...i recently got totally obbessed with DHMIS..SO...i decided to make a blog with my friends who are wanderers..)

    -awkward silence-

    Me: -jumps out from under the table-

    What's your favorite idea?

    Mine is being creative

    Melodie: How do you get the idea?

    Me:I just try to think creatively

    Now when you look at this orange tell me please, what do you see?

    Crystal: It's just a boring old orange

    Me: Maybe to you, but not to me

    I see a silly face walking along and smiling at me

    Crystal: I don't see what you mean

    Me:'Cause you're not thinking creatively

    So take a look at my hair (cool)

    I use my hair to express myself

    Lucy: That sounds really boring

    Me: I use my hair to express myself

    Now, when you stare at the clouds in the sky, don't you find it …

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