Bob (2)
Gender: Male
Friends and Family
Lord Hater
Commander Peepers
Westley (formerly)
Moose (all allies)
Fist Fighters
Emperor Awesome
Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Brainstorm"
Voiced by:
Tom Kenny

Bob is a character on Wander Over Yonder and he is a watchdog and part of the Hater Army. His name was revealed in "The Brainstorm" when Bob helped Lord Hater suggest that Wander would hand out sandwiches and so, Hater said "Yeah, what Bob said!" and then explained he just wanted lunch. He most likely appeared in all the episodes like all the other watchdogs did.

Physical Appearance

He looks like all the other watchdogs.



Lord Hater

In "The Brainstorm", while brainstorming up a plan of how to takeover Planet Flendar, Peepers suggested to "Destroy all their crops and starve 'em into submission", Lord Hater replied "Wander'll just come along and hand out, you know, uh...", then an off-screen voice said "sandwiches", it was later revealed to be Bob, and his name was revealed when Hater said "Yeah, what Bob said. Sandwiches!" then he just said he wanted lunch, so they got menus and ate.


Bob seemed a little bit timid and shy in his first appearance.


Background Information

  • Bob is the fourth watchdog to have his name revealed, after Peepers, Westley, and Moose.
  • Bob is voiced by Tom Kenny, who is also the voice of Peepers, Fleeblebort, other Watchdogs, and more.


— First lines, "The Brainstorm"

"I uh, actually just wanted lunch."
— "The Brainstorm"

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