The three bounty hunters from The Bounty

The Bounty Hunters are characters that appear in "The Bounty", "The Stray" and "The Search for Captain Tim". There are five of them.

List of bounty hunters


  • Excluding Ripov, all of them worked for Lord Hater and tried to capture Wander and Sylvia.
  • Ripov is the only bounty hunter who teamed up with Lord Hater just so she could hunt down Captain Tim.


  • "The Bounty" (Rongruffle, Killbot 86 and the Potted Plant)
  • "The Stray" (Little Bits)
  • "The Catastrophe" (Little Bits)
  • "The Waste of Time" (Kilobit 86)
  • "The Search for Captain Tim" (Ripov)

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