Brahms' Lullaby
Song by Wander
Venue: Unknown place
Genre(s): Lullaby
Wander chronology
Previous: "Positive Song"
Current: Brahms' Lullaby

Wander sings this famous lullaby song to Little Bits to help her sleep. There are three verses which happen between when Little Bits pokes him and Sylvia talking.


First verse

Close your eyes, rest your head,
Let my belly be your bed
I won't move through the night
If it helps you sleep alright.

Second verse

If you need help, I'm here to stay
I'll do anything you say.

Third verse

And when I say "anything",
I literally mean anything.

Background Information

  • This is the last song performed by Wander in Season 1. Overall, the last song performed by a character in Season 1.


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