S1e4 ship opening

Captain Tim's spaceship was the main location featured in "The Pet". It was owned by Captain Tim and his crew. A stray creature managed to get aboard, and killed everyone. Wander and Sylvia went in there so they could help save anybody, but it was too late for that. It was destroyed by the end of the episode.

Physical Appearance

The spaceship had a dark color, probably dark pinkish, and a few blue windows. It also had three wings: two on the sides, one under. From a more general perspective, it looked like an upside down fish.

Inside, the spaceship had a lot of rooms that were necessary for survival: a kitchen, a main control room, etc. Most of the interior was presumably destroyed or damaged.

Also, inside is where the corpses of the crew mentioned before could be found. In the main entrance, there were bones and a cracked helmet. In a hall, there was at least one corpse. In one room, the crew's bones were seen.

When seen from a specific angle, the captain's ears look like fish scales, suggesting the reason the ship looked like a fish.


Captain Tim



  • "The Pet" (Destroyed near the end)

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