This article is about Peepers' theme music. You may be looking for Commander Peepers.
"Commander Peepers' Theme"
S1e3b Peepers on Wander's back
Song by Andy Bean
Genre(s): March
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"Commander Peepers' Theme" is the leitmotif for Commander Peepers, usually heard in episodes centered on him. It is mostly instrumental save for a musical statement of Peepers' name.


Commander Pee-peeerrrrrrrs!


  • This theme makes appearances in:
    • The Prisoner - Heard throughout the episode.
    • The Bounty - A parody version is also heard during Peepers' daydream as "Janitor Pee-peeeerrrrrrss!"
    • The Fancy Party - The first known appearance of the theme where Peepers is not the central character.
    • The Day - The "Janitor Peepers" variation is heard instrumentally when Sylvia is being "carried away" by a sleepy Wander, disguised as a Watchdog.
    • The Gift 2: The Giftening - The lyrics are not heard.
    • The Funk - Heard instrumentally when Peepers blasts an insubordinate Watchdog and when Peepers yells at Hater.
    • The Greater Hater - Heard when Peepers destroys Lord Dominator's control panel.
    • The Big Day - Heard instrumentally when Peepers is about to destroy a planet.
    • The Cool Guy - Peepers sings this while planning an invasion with Hater.
    • The Battle Royale - Heard when Peepers and Sylvia join forces together, the lyrics was followed by "...and Sylvia!"


  • Andy Bean admitted this is actually an adaptation of the Mexican folk song, "La Cucaracha".


ASCAP Work #886440611

"Let's Get Awesome"
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