Do You Know the Button Song
S1e3b Wander "Do you know the Button Song"
Song by Wander
Genre(s): Short ditty
Length: 0:15
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The Button Song00:17

The Button Song

"Do You Know the Button Song" is a song that Wander sings while toying with the booby trap buttons in the episode "The Prisoner".


Peepers: Aha! What is going on?

Wander: Do you know the Button Song,
The Button Song, the Button Song?
When you play the Button Song,
You find out what went wrong!

Peepers: STOOOOOOP!!!! (Wander presses the button)


  • This song is the first song that Wander sings in a crazy way. The other one is "What's In The Box?".


ASCAP Work #886440614

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