Doomsetone (formerly)

Congenial Rock (currently)

S1e5a Doomstone revealed
Entering Doomstone
Native language:   English
Badlands Dan
Papa Doom
The Motorhogs
Several unknown residents
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
The Bad Guy
Doomstone is a place which first appears in "The Bad Guy". At first, it seems as if the entire planet
Doomstone from Disney XD's Animacation promo
was made of criminals when Wander and Sylvia arrive on the planet. However, after the chase around the city, it turns out the entire population were fakes and phonies who just came there because they thought it would make them seem tougher. They then all become friends and give up their evil ways. Two main residents are Badlands Dan and Papa Doom. They also rename the city "Congenial Rock".



  • Sylvia has been to Doomstone before the events of "The Bad Guy", or has heard of it.
  • It is the first planet to be named.
  • It is a pun on the word "tombstone".
  • The population of the town is listed as "GET OUT!!"

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