Electric Laser
S1e13b Laser suddenly turns off
First Appearance:
  The Brainstorm
Last Appearance:
  The Brainstorm
The Electric Laser was one of Peepers proposed ideas for the invasion on Flendar in The Brainstorm. It was unanimously rejected by Lord Hater himself, who believed that Wander would take out the batteries.

Basic Function

The electric laser would have been used to take an indirect approach at Flendar by destroying it's fortress city. However, when the hypothetical demonstration was about to begin, it suddenly turned off. It was revealed that Wander had taken the batteries so he could use them for an mp3. When Peepers tried to suggest that they could bring backup batteries, Sylvia entered the scene with an mp3 by hand. When Peepers said they could bring a lot more backup batteries, it cut to the citizens of Flendar, all with an MP3, and was shortly scolded by Hater in response.


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