Flea's Spaceship Captain
S1e8b Fleas captain driving ship
Species: Flea
Gender: Male
Friends and Family
Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Ball"
Voiced by:
Corey Burton

The "Flea's Spaceship Captain" is, as his name states, the captain of the Flea's Spaceship who first appeared in "The Ball", alongside the rest of his species.


After the destruction of Ballzeria 9, he piloted the ship that the Fleas used to escape and drift through space until they died. Wander, who had not given up yet, opened the door and threw the captain out of the control room and closed the door, the captain futilessly trying to open it as Wander drove towards Buster.

He is not seen along with the rest of the fleas, although he could have left the ship at some point after Wander and Sylvia left.

Physical Appearance

He is physically identical to the males of his species, but has a slightly puffy mustache. He also wears the average captain uniform and black pants with platinum shoes.


It can be said that his personality was the same as the rest of the fleas: pacifistic and friendly. However, he showed extreme anger at Wander closing the door on him and trying to pull off one last plan.


  • "The Ball" (First appearance)

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