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"The Ball"

The "Fleas" are an alien species found in the galaxy who made their first appearance in "The Ball".

Physical Appearance

All the fleas share a pale, light grayish aquamarine skin with teal hair with a white robe with a violet belt on the waist.

Their eyes have white pupils and black sclera, and the older ones have bags underneath their eyes. The only difference between male and female, physically wise, are a single eyelash in the eyes of the girls.


The fleas originally lived in the Ballzeria system, whose nine planets, including Ballzeria 9, were destroyed by the space dog known as Buster.

While on their way to fly eternally in outer space, Wander managed to get them a brand new home in the least likely of places: Buster's back.

Known members


  • "The Ball" (First appearance)

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