S1e3a Fleeblebort is not happy
Gender: Male
Friends and Family
Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Good Deed"
Voiced by:
Tom Kenny

Fleeblebort is a minor character in Wander Over Yonder who appears in "The Good Deed".

Physical appearance

Fleeblebort is a small, green duck-like creature. He wears a blue hat and blue pants, and dresses elegant since he's going to a wedding.


He was going to the wedding between Marsha and Spats before Wander accidentally steals his carrot, making his hufflerumple stop. Things worsen when Wander mentions that carrots can get on stores, which causes the humfflerumples to leave Fleeblebort.

Wander and Sylvia help him get to the wedding, only to discover he was going to the wedding to stop it and exclaim his love for Marsha, which he does. The two, after Marsha cancels the wedding, then zip off into the distance.



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