S1e10b GC3000 sign

Logo of the Galactic Conjunction 6000

"Once a year, the planets of this galaxy align to form the deadliest race course in the universe! Only the bravest racers dare face the insanest race in outer space!"
— The announcer[source]

The Galactic Conjunction 6000 is an annual race held in the galaxy in Wander Over Yonder.

The event

Once a year, the planets of the galaxy unite to form the racetrack, so the competitors can race against each other.

The 500th annual event took place during the events of "The Time Bomb", and it's said that Sylvia always competed in this race, and has never won it because of the fact she is the "Time Bomb" and goes berserk at random points. Luckily, Wander helped her take it easy.

During the results, Harvax and Stok were the winners at first, but were disqualified because Harvax was wearing a fake proboscis. Therefor, Wander and Sylvia were made the winners since they were the second to cross the line after Harvax and Stok.

Notable contestants

  • Wander and Sylvia (originally runners up, later winners)
  • Harvax and Stok (originally winners, later disqualified)
  • A mermaid-mannatee hybrid and a dolphin
  • A two-headed alien and a guard dog
  • A yellow whip riding a giant shoe
  • A dwarf and a snake
  • A little racer and a turtle
  • A sprouting and a dinosaur-fish hybrid
  • A monkey and a bird
  • A dog riding a doghouse with claws
  • An imp riding a cloud
  • A royalty dressed squid with two guards


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