General McGuffin's Fortress
McGuffin's Stronghold
General McGuffin,
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
"The It"

General McGuffin's Fortress is a location which first appeared in "The It". It is a massive egg-shaped stronghold on an unknown marsh-like world ruled by General McGuffin. The stronghold's surrounding is a highly-secured base filled with all manner of deadly traps and obstacles, as well as an elite team of highly-trained Wingmen. The main building is protected by a near-impregnable force field that has only one small opening.

In "The It", Commander Peepers led a team of Watchdogs to invade the fortress, and presumably many of them did not come back alive. Peepers was almost caught by McGuffin after a deranged Lord Hater and Wander activated the security during their infuriating game of tag. Luckily, Lord Hater's game eventually scared away McGuffin and all of his men. Effectively making the fortress part of Hater's territory. It is unknown if McGuffin was able to reclaim it after the events of the episode.


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