S1e1a Ring tossin'

Wander and Hater engaging in one of the events

The Greatest in the Galaxy Contest was an event held in Binglebopolopolis to determine if either Wander or Lord Hater were the greatest in the galaxy. Although Wander was the winner of the contest, he later handed the trophy to Hater, since he actually won the bonus round.


Hot Dog Eating

The first event Wander and Hater compete in. Wander ultimately gets the upper hand with his fast eating, though Hater wasn't doing too bad.

Ring Tossing

Hater and Wander toss some rings. Wander manages to hit three times, while Hater misses every shot.

Balloon Darth Throwing

Wander and Hater throw some darts at the balloons. Wander manages to hit a few, but Hater hits the painted balloon on top instead.

Baseball Pitching

Wander manages to hit all the bottles on his first try, while Hater's throw doesn't even knock the pile of bottles.

Ring the Bell

Wander manages to ring it, but Hater's only manages to get to the middle. Wander still applauds at his effort.


Wander enjoys it while Hater tries to not throw up.

Arm Wrestling

At first it looks like Wander will lose and Hater'll win, but Wander gets some unexpected strength and defeats him, accidentally ripping his skeletical arm off in the process.

Musical Chairs

Wander strolls while Hater watches menacingly, and before he knows it the music stops and Wander sits on the only chair.

Sack Racing

Hater trips during the race, Wander ultimately winning the event.


Wander wins.


Hater loses balance and falls off.

Push-Up Contest

As Hater finishes a push up, his skeletal arm pops out and he falls.

Staring Contest

Hater uses all his strength to not blink while Wander doesn't even looks like he's trying. Hater shortly afterwards falls down, presumably from his skeletal arm popping out.

Bonus Round

A race between Wander and Sylvia and Hater and Peepers, which was actually part of the plan to defeat Lord Hater. Hater ultimately wins this round, though at the cost of his control of Binglebopolopolis.


  • Wander (Winner; Hands the trophy to Hater)
  • Lord Hater (Runner-Up; Get's the trophy from Wander) 
  • Sylvia (Helps Wander during the bonus round)
  • Commander Peepers (Supported Lord Hater up until the bonus round)

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