S1e13b New Hater Kingdom

The empire as seen in "The Brainstorm"

The "Hater Empire" is an empire created and controlled by Lord Hater, which extends to some parts of the universe. It is the main villainous group of the show, being Lord Hater's primary organization.

Military Strength

The main strength of the empire seems to be the Watchdogs and the similarily-named army, commanded by Lord Hater's second-in commande, Commander Peepers, and some weaponry like blasters, UFOs and in some occasion's robots.


The empire has only one ultimate, permanent goal: obtain control over the whole Universe. From time to time, there have also been secondary objectives like escaping the spaceship, getting Lord Hater's lunch, and so on.


Although the empire has enemies of its own, the biggest pest for the empire are a pair of two space travelers known as Wander and Sylvia. Whenever the empire tries to do any significant progress on their universal domination, the two appear on the planet they invade and usually foil their plans.

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