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"Hater and the Queen"
S1e11a Hater and Queen waltzing
Lord Hater and Queen Entozoa waltzing with each other
Song by Lord Hater
Genre(s): Rock ballad
Length: 1:00
Lord Hater chronology
Previous: N/A
Current: "Hater and the Queen"
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"Hater and the Queen" is a song performed by Lord Hater in "The Fancy Party" while he and Queen Entozoa are dancing.


Your majesty, may I have this dance?

Time as old as you
Lord Hater
and the Queen,

Pretty things
Dancing in the room
Bequeath yourself to me
Hater and the Queen.


  • This is the first song Lord Hater sings.
  • During the song, the edges of the screen are soft-focused like the first part of Westley, You're the Best.


  • This song is a parody of the title song from the 1991 Disney film Beauty and the Beast.


ASCAP Work #887174258

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