King of Sherblorg 7
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Species: Sherblorgian
Gender: Male
Occupation: King of Sherblorg 7
Professional Information
Friends and Family


Stella Starbella

Mandrake the Malfeasant

Lord Hater

Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  The Loose Screw
Voiced by:
Kevin McDonald

The "King of Sherblorg 7" is, as the name implies, the ruling monarch of the planet Sherblorg 7.

Physical Appearance

The king looks like a yellow squish-like humanoid wearing a royal cape. He has red hair.


In "The Loose Screw", his planet is conquered by Mandrake the Malfeasant when Wander and Sylvia fail to get there in time, but is saved thanks to the efforts of Stella Starbella.

Later, in "The Rager", he was part of the rulers Lord Hater captured and then escaped thanks to Wander.


  • The Loose Screw
  • The Rager

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