Laser gun
S1e3a Groom with laser gun
Marsha's Fiance holding a laser gun.
First Appearance:
  "The Good Deed"

A "Laser gun" is a type of weapon primarily based on a shotgun used by various people around the galaxy. It made It's first appearance in "The Good Deed".

Physical Appearance

From the only variation seen in the series, it is primarily similar to a shotgun. However, the scope of the gun is surrounded by three red or blue rings and a red/blue sphere.


Although the laser guns were not shown hitting things often during the feud between the families, their extreme power was shown twice: Once when an accidental shot set out a nearby small village on fire, and again when Wander used one of them to destroy the snowy part of Graknor's mountain, in order to solve the aforementioned problem.


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