S1e7 Watchdogs getting blasters

Being practically a basic requirement for armies, the Hater Army has a vast variety of gadgets and weapons that they use for their current missions. Most of them are real, but some are imaginary or used for other purposes.

This article only lists the gadgets and weapons used and belonging by the Hater Army. Other gadgets or weapons don't belong here.

Users of the gadgets

The list

Episode Gadget/Weapon Status Purpose
"Various episodes" Blasters S1e7 Watchdogs still chasing Still in use. Shoot an electric blast to a target.
"Various episodes" Little blaster S1e7 Westley's blaster is dirty Still in use. Presumably the same as the model It's based on.
"The Little Guy" Locator S1e7 Westley not amused Backup Locator S1e07 In the cave 2 Probably still in use.

Used to find a specific location in any planet.

The backup, as the name indicates, is used as a replacement for the locator if anything happens to it.

"The Picnic" Flaming Skulls S1e2a Flaming Skulls Flaming Skulls control remote S1e2a The Picnic - nine Unknown.

Used as thrown objects with a catapult.

The control remote is used to activate the catapult.

"The Picnic" Defense Protocol Epsilon X0973 Tesseract S1e2a The Picnic - robot charge Defense Protocol Epsilon X0973 Tesseract's Gloves S1e2a The Picnic - Hater posing 2 Robot: destroyed, but seen in stand-by in "The Prisoner". Gloves: Unknown.

The giant robot serves as a mobile robot that imitates the movements of the pilot.

The gloves are used to control the robot.

"The Fugitives and The Night" Watchdog U.F.O.'s S1e2b Watchdogs Ufos watch mode Still in use. Used as transports for the Watchdogs.
"The Fugitives" Flashlights S1e02b Watchdogs with flashlights Still in use. Used to look around the city while the Watchdogs try to find Wander and Sylvia so they can capture them.
"The Night" Hovercycle S1e12b Hovercycle Still in use. Used as transports for the Watchdogs. It can also be used to carry heavy objects.
"The Brainstorm" Electric Laser S1e13b Laser suddenly turns off Mind Combobulator S1e13b The Mind Combobulator at Lord Hater's ship X-Ray Scanner S1e13b X-Ray busted Imaginary.

Electric Laser: powerful weapon strong enough to destroy Flendar's fortress city. Mind Combobulator: Used to mind control the citizens of Flendar. X-Ray Scanner: Used to bust Wander and Sylvia's attempt to pass off as Hater so they can end the invasion.

"The Big Job" HT-125-F S1e20a HT-125-F spotted Destroyed. Was supposed to be used as a hot tub for Lord Hater.

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