Through the series and in most of his appearences, Lord Hater has had a variety of schemes in his quest to conquer the universe and become the greatest in all the galaxy.

In the series


Schemes that aren't really evil, or related to Hater's quest for universal domination.

Episode Scheme Explanation
"Various episodes" Capture Wander and Sylvia Since it is believed that they are the only people stopping his universal domination, Lord Hater usually orders the Watchdogs to capture Wander and Sylvia, so they can be imprisoned and thus be unable to stop him from succeeding in his schemes. Either due to his, Peepers incompetence or any other outside force, this scheme usually fails.
"The Helper"

S1e20b Wander pointing at Hater Getting his lunch

He goes to a planet in order to get the lunch he ordered hours ago. The schemes succeeds, even with Wander's intervenience; he gets his lunch and then leaves the planet.
"The Big Job" Use his new bath tub Tries to use his brand new bath tub, which happens to be the HT-125-F.

Due to Wander, Sylvia and the other members of Insurgent Generals messing with it earlier, Hater is unable to use the bath tub.

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