Episode Scheme Explanation Outcome
"The Picnic" Wish for universal domination S1e2a The Picnic-Lord Hater's Speech 05
Wish to get Wander to shut up for 5 seconds S1e2a The Picnic - no! do over! do over!
Plans to use his single wish from the Celestial Being to conquer the universe. He instead wishes for Wander to leave him along after he talks too much, and tries in vain to re-do it before the being says "in the next millenium" and he leaves.
"The Greatest" Conquer Binglebopolopolis S1e1a Fair still in distress
Win the Greatest in the Galaxy Contest S1e1a Push-up contest
Hater sends the Watchdogs and Commander Peepers so they help him conquer the city.
He battles Wander in a contest in order to get a trophy.

The first one is initially successful up until Wander and Sylvia arrive.

The former manages to convince Hater to go against a contest and, in a made-up bonus round, he bounces off his statue and crashes on a nearby planetoid, with the statue breaking apart and the city regaining It's freedom.

"The Prisoner" Capture Wander S1e3b I'm watching you Orders Peepers to capture and imprison Wander, in order to show him that he's not someone to underestimate. Wander, along with Sylvia, escape the self-destructing spaceship and, once Hater deactivates the self-destruct sequence, punishes Peepers for his failure.
"The Little Guy" Capture Wander and Sylvia S1e7 The chase is on
Pick up Westley
Sends the Watchdogs, like usual, to capture Wander and Sylvia, but he leaves Westley behind. He goes to pick him up once he informs Peepers that he's captured them.

The Watchdogs fail like usual, and Westley is left behind, becoming good with Wander and Sylvia in the process.

The army picks him up and congratulate him after incarcerating them, but he, along with Wander and Sylvia, escape and make it out like he died in the attempt to stop them.

"The Bounty" Sends bounty hunters to capture Wander and Sylvia S1e8a The bounty hunters with Lord Hater
Chiding Peepers and even more Bounty Hunters S1e08a Hater showing Peepers his mistake of letting Wander and Sylvia escape 2
Instead of asking the Watchdogs or Peepers to go after the duo, Lord Hater hires three bounty hunters in order to do it: Rongruffle, Killbot 86 and the Potted Plant.

The duo escape like usual, and Hater chides Peepers for his failure.

He then reveals that he hired even more bounty hunters in case the last three failed, and he uses Peepers agonizing whining to be added to his audio megamix.

"The Birthday Boy" See Wander be scared S1e16b Wander is taken to the pit
Save Wander from the Sand Snapper S1E16b The Sand Snapper
Being his birthday, Hater wanted to see his wish, to see Wander scared, come to fruition by any means.

Wander reveals that he is actually scared; scared of Hater not enjoying his birthday.

"The Day" Force Field S1e12a Forcefield surrounding ship Uses an expensive force field in order to keep Wander and Sylvia from escaping. Wander pushes the self-destruct button of the field with his head, the force field deactivates and they escape using a rocket.
"The Night" Re-capture Wander and Sylvia S1e12b Wander gasps Sends a trio of Watchdogs to re-capture the recently-escaped Wander and Sylvia. Wander and the sleeping Sylvia fall on top of them, and the next time Sylvia wakes up, they're back at their prison cell at the beginning of the last episode, with Wander fast asleep to boot.
"The Brainstorm" Peepers' plan pitch S1e13b or not!
Doom Dragons S1e13b Peepers' plan to use Doom Dragons
Electric Laser S1e13b Flendar will be destroyed by a laser
Marry the Princess S1e13b Lord Hater kissing the princess
Steal the King S1e13b Flendar in chaos
Mind Combobulator S1e13b The Mind Combobulator at Lord Hater's ship
Blocked Sun S1e13b Wander and Sylvia with the sun blocked out
Melted Icecaps S1e13b Pool Party Planet
Destroyed Crops S1e13b Destroying the crops 4 Failed Flendar Invasion S1e13b Result of failed invasion
Rejects Peepers' idea for an invasion, believing that Wander will just ruin it either way, so they do a brainstorm in order to get a good plan.

Hater rejects the first plan.

Hater retorts that Wander will tame the dragons using the power of love "or something gross like that".

He believes Wander will take the batteries, and if they bring backup batteries, Sylvia will also steal them, and if they bring even more, all of the citizens of Flendar will have some of the batteries.

Believes that the princess will simply be Wander in disguise, thus making the wedding absolutely worthless.

Hater says that Wander will just teach them how to act in perfect harmony, and will then rescue the king somehow.

A pretty complicated reason: believing that Wander's banjo frequency will match the combobulator, and thus making it explode, Hater deduces that he and Peepers will land in a fishing village with amnesia, become fishermen, lose their partnership to a girl named Rosa, will lose her to a man named Ron the Baker, and the two will end up being sad old men, wondering what could have been.

Hater says that Wander will do a group hug with everyone, and that will somehow give them enough heat.

The planet simply becomes a "Party Pool Planet".

Hater says that Wander will hand sandwiches to the citizens.

They decide to use Peepers' original plan after building up Hater's confidence, but it ends in failure like the last suggested plan, and both Hater and Peepers say "Banjo" before the episode ends.

"The Fancy Party" Get Queen Entozoa's army S1e11a Full Power Hater demands Entozoa's Empire
Flee from the guards S1e11a Hater and Peepers Escape
Tries to be a gentleman so Queen Entozoa will give him her 1000 year old empire.

After Wander intervenes, Hater makes a fool of himself, is taken away and Wander is about to be given the queen's power, Hater snaps and demands that she hands over the empire.

After Entozoa turns into a Sandwich and orders her guards to destroy them, Hater and Peepers successfully escape the planet alongside Wander and Sylvia.

"The Gift 2: The Giftening" Investigate the origin of the Gift S1e19a Hater and Peepers looking at monitors
Escape from Wander and Sylvia S1e19a Hater running away
He, along with Peepers, investigate the source of the gift, an object that can turn Watchdogs happy. He tries to flee the serial gifters when he's the only one left.

Using the cameras, It's discovered that Wander (and Sylvia, but she doesn't appears in the cameras) are giving the gifts.
It initially looks like Hater will be caught like the rest of the army, but the Watchdogs save him at the last second.

"The Date" Blow up Planet Lemoria S1e16a Lord Hater pushes a button
Marry Linguini Von Beadstick S1e16a Hater '' WHAT!! ''
Decides to blow up the planet he's on when the princess doesn't appear. He then tries to marry Linguini, who is actually Sylvia in disguise.

Both schemes are averted, the first one by Hater deciding to leave the planet alone and the second by shoving Linguini and a disguised Wander off his ship, so he can still have his options left open.

"The Buddies" Send Wander to his prison dimension S1e16b Wander is taken to the pit
Save Wander from the Sand Snapper S1E16b The Sand Snapper
After somehow capturing Wander, he tries to send him to his prison dimension.

He gets sent along with Wander to his prison dimension.

Later, when the Sand Snapper attacks and nearly devours Wanders, the Prison Dimension prisoners and Thrax tell Lord Hater to save Wander, and he reluctantly agrees.

"The Stray" Sends Little Bits to catch Wander Hires a feline bounty hunter, Little Bits, so she can use her charm and other abilities to bring Wander to him.

Like usual, Wander and Sylvia escape, and Hater is about to punish Little Bits before she uses her charm and other abilities to convince Hater to free her.

"The Funk" Conquer Cluckon
Prank the Mooplexians
Tries to conquer the planet Cluckon in order to get control of the Zegma System.
Pranks the Mooplexians in order to make himself feel better and get his energy back.

Due to being in a funk, Hater doesn't arrive when he's called and the invasion is put on hold.

The pranks work and Hater regains his self-esteem, but a mooplexian reveals that he and the rest of his species forever live in their minds, and give Hater and Peepers a lesson before they leave.

"The Enemies" Forge the Sword of Synergy S1e16b The Sword of Synergy's statue
Battle Sir Brad Starlight S1e16b another attack
Capture Wander with Brad's help S1e16b Hater "The best at traps"
Tries to complete the Sword of Synergy so he can conquer the universe with it, but Brad appears with the light half and the two

He initially battles Brad for his light half, but the battle is put on hold when the two decide to work together.

After completing the sword, it seems that they will succeed in getting Wander, but the two eventually fight and break the sword in both halves again, which break shortly afterwards.

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