Episode Scheme Explanation Outcome
"The Greater Hater" Conquer a planet

S2e1 ...HATER! Defeat Lord Dominator and show "him" who's boss. No Screenshot 2

First one: Due to spending a lot of time chasing Wander and not conquering planets, Hater tries

Second one: When Dominator planet-jacks Hater, he and Peepers go inside to show "him" who's boss.

First one: Initially succeeds, but fails when Wander steals the flag and Dominator planet-jacks the planet.

Second one: Fails, as Peepers and Hater are unable to impress or even scratch Dominator, and are left traumatized by the experience.

"The Big Day" Make Wander's destruction special At Wander's request, he tries to make the destruction of Wander his most special day ever. The cake blocks the Disaster Blaster 5000 and Wander and Sylvia escape before the spaceship blows up.
"The Fremergency Fronfract" Conquer another planet (for returning) Hater tries to destroy a planet for his return. Hater saves the day due to his happy emotion, which sabotages the invasion.
"The Boy Wander" Conquer Cluckon (again) Hater and Peepers try to invade Cluckon for the second time. The invasion was sabotaged when Dr. Screwball Jones' feathers start to tickle them.
"The Axe" Conquer planets First one: Unknown.
Second one: Hater and the Watchdogs (save Peepers, who's fired by Hater) try to conquer many planets to be the greatest on the Galactic Villain Leaderboard.
First one: Hater's only planet is now taken by Sourdough the Evil Sandwich.
Second one: Unlike his other failed plans, Hater successfully conquered almost every planet in the universe.
"The It" Conquer General McGuffin's planet Hater must rule over the planet, to become the first of the Galactic Villain Leaderboard. (Lord Dominator is still the first.) This fails when Wander plays tag with Hater as he chases him.