Episode Image Explanation and outcome
"The Greatest" Give Hater the trophy Hater and Peepers with Wander and Sylvia After technically being beaten by Lord Hater in the Greatest in the Galaxy Contest, he hands him the trophy.
"The Egg" Get the egg back to it's mother S1e1b Egg hug With the help of Sylvia, he sends the egg back to the nest at the top of the mountain.
"The Fugitives" Tied the flyman's shoes, hands the Rock Mother her lost child, stopped an ant war, undid the things done by the Watchdogs. Self explanatory.
"The Good Deed" Help a rabbit return into full health S1e3a Heroic pose He feeds a carrot to the hungry rabbit, curing it back into full health.
"The Good Deed" Help Fleeblebort get to the wedding on time S1e3a Wedding arrival As Sylvia zips over to the wedding, he provides the appropriate racing-the-clock action music on his banjo.
"The Good Deed" Stop a feud between two families S1e3a Family leaders going to hug He manages to stop the war by pretending to have a disturbing court session and acting as all the parts.
"The Good Deed" Put out the fire from the burning houses S1e3a The tree houses are saved He stops the fire by zapping the top of a snowy mountain causing the snow to roll over it.
"The Good Deed" Save several pigs from an angry Gracknore S1e3a Planetoid arrival He traps them in a giant orbble bubble and brings them to a muddy planetoid not far from the planet.
"The Good Deed" Save the sun S1e03a Rocket ship heading towards the sun 1 When Lord Hater sends a missile towards the sun, he bounces on it, causing it to change its direction.
"The Pet" Give Captain Tim to Lord Hater Captain tim 4 After deciding that Captain Tim is too dangerous for him to keep, he gives it to Hater.
"The Troll" Defeat the Troll S1e5b Troll "Your shoes are outta style" He ignores the troll, causing him to shrink down.
"The Little Guy" Take care of Westley S1e7 Westley carrying firewood He and Sylvia pretend to be Westley's prisoners in order to protect him until Hater comes to pick him up.
"The Ball" Find the Fleas a new home S1e8b Celebration After several failed attempts to save Ballzeria 9, he uses Buster as the flea's new home.
"The Nice Guy" Help a lot of people S1e10a Wander stops the old lady from tripping He helps a lot of people, which greatly hinders and almost ruins his quest to get Sylvia some Thunder Blazz.
"The Time Bomb" Help Sylvia with her Time Bomb problem S1e10b Wander suggesting "Quicky McQuickersons" He tries to help Sylvia with her anger problems in order for her to win the Galactic Conjunction 6000.
"The Lonely Planet" Compliment Planet Janet S1e13a Wander '...with room to grow.' While on Janet, he keeps complimenting her.
"The Toddler" Take care of Huckleberry Knucklehead and bring him back to his parents. S1e14b Wander “We're gonna get 'chu back to your folks! Isn't that great” After finding the toddler by chance, he and Sylvia try to take him back to his parents.
"The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!" Tries to find the owner of the sock S1e15a Wander ''With two stripes'' After finding the sock laying on the ground, he and Sylvia search for the owner. They managed to find Destructor and hand him the sock, which cured his rage against his father and returned the kingdom to it's original glory.
"The Party Animal" Stop Emperor Awesome from destroying a planet S1e14a Wander jumping into his hat He defeats Awesome in a dance competition, which causes him to leave the planet and never return.
"The Date" Find Lord Hater a date S1e18a Fast forward sequence 1 When Lord Hater decides to blow up Planet Lemoria after being stood up, he disguises Sylvia as a girl named Linguini Von Breadstick in order to change his mind. It works too well, as Hater decides to marry her against her will.
"The Date" Saves Sylvia from marrying Hater S1E18aP094 He appears during the wedding ceremony disguised as another woman and, after a short argument, Lord Hater kicks both of them out of the spaceship.
"The Buddies" Acted like Hater's best friend, freed the prisoners of the prison dimension. In order to make sure Hater survived in his prison dimension, he acted like they were best friends. When Sylvia opened the portal to get him and Lord Hater out of the prison dimension, he made sure to take the prisoners as well.
"The Liar" Save the Bird family S1e17a Wander standing before birds He and Sylvia save a bird family stuck on Mt. Krackyourbigtoa while it's starting to erupt.
"The Stray" Help Little Bits S1E17bP08 He and Sylvia take care of the kitten, unaware the she's working with Lord Hater in order to capture him.
"The Big Job" Save the Watchdog Scientist S1E20aP080 He saves the scientist, still unconscious from the attack, before the HT-125-F explodes.
"The Helper" Take himself out of town S1e20b Wander looking at the mirror When the townspeople get tired of him, he kicks himself out of town, to which they later thank him for.
"The Rider" Give back the stolen loot, hands the previous owner of the spaceship a giant basket of fruit. After escaping the storage station, all the loot that was stored inside it returned to their original worlds. He also gave a basket filled with fruit to the previous owner of the spaceship taken during the battle with the Skuzzbuckets, like he promised earlier.
"The Gift" Hand presents to everyone S1e19b Gift mosaic 3 He and Sylvia give presents to almost everybody they have met and helped over the past season.

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