S1e13b Watchdogs seeing the picnic

Although they have been in a variety of episodes, the Watchdogs have had only a few of their members named, the most famous and recognizable being their second-in-command, Commander Peepers. Outside of Peepers, there have been 8 named Watchdogs so far.


S1e08a Peepers 'I know sir, but...'
Second in-command to Lord Hater and leader of the Watchdogs, as mentioned above. He's one of the most frequently seen Watchdogs, usually seen along the main villain of the series, Lord Hater and is he's best friend.

While his physical appearance is not that different from other Watchdogs (A red single eye, wears a black and red suit, etc) his helmet has two spiked sides and a longer thunder-like thing than the average watchdog, presumably indicating his authority. In The Buddies it shows that he have a muscular body. He's slightly shorter than the other Watchdogs.

He's the only Watchdogs with common sense and have high intelligence. 


Pat was zapped by Peepers then Pat was told he "woundt" make it back.


S1e7 Westley Watchdog ID

Westley before turning good.

A former recruit Watchdog who met Wander and Sylvia in The Little Guy, which doubles as his introductory episode. While initially hostile, with their help he changes his mind, leaves the army and becomes good.
S1e7 Westley ID

Westley after becoming good.

While on the army, he looked like the average Watchdog: single red eye, red boots and gloves, a black suit and and a helmet with a thunder-like thing on top of it. His suit is the only one that's two pieced, consisting of a shirt and pants.

Upon becoming good, his appearance remains mostly the same. However, he changes his older helmet for a new one with a star on top of it, one which was given to him by Wander.

To become good he left the army by faking his own death, which involved a bomb, the captured Wander and Sylvia and a plan. Once Hater fell for the trap, he fled to the planet he was stranded on earlier with Wander and Sylvia, which also doubles as his current residence.

He's currently the only Watchdog who has left the Watchdog army and/or "died".


S1e7 Moose sleeping
A strong and silent Watchdog, moose makes a memorable, although short, appearance during and only during the opening of "The Little Guy" where he punches Westley when he goes to wake him up.

Although his uniform is practically the same as the rest, he's more muscular than the average Watchdog and pretty strong too, since he managed to hit Westley strong enough to send him flying to a wall. So far, he's the second muscular Watchdog in the show since the first one is Peepers.


S1e13b I just want lunch
A Watchdog who seems to be a little bit timid and shy. He had his name first confirmed in "The Brainstorm", where he said he wanted lunch after saying sandwiches during one of Peepers hypothetical scenarios.

He is the first named watchdog not to have a unique appearance, his design being identical to the rest of the Watchdogs.


S1e19a Pete
A watchdog who dreamed of dancing, which he did thanks to Wander's Gift.

He looks physically identical to the rest of the Watchdogs. After getting his gift, his single eye turns heart-shaped and he gets some pink shoes.


S1e19a Teddy
A watchdog who had a crush on a girl and, if he survived his mission (Help Peepers catch Wander), that he would get a big ring and ask her to be his wife. He managed to get it thanks to Wander's gift.


A Watchdog who Peepers pranked in order to help Hater get out of his funk. He looks the same as any other Watchdog.


A Watchdog who had his birthday celebrated in his debut episode. He looks the same as the other Watchdogs, and he's the only one with a known age, apparently turning 30.


Please put the specific introductory episodes where one of the watchdogs was named.

  • "The Picnic": Peepers make his first appearance.
  • "The Little Guy": Both Westley and Moose are introduced. However, Moose plays a pretty minor role while Westley takes on the main one, and eventually becomes good.
  • "The Brainstorm": Bob is introduced.
  • "The Gift 2: The Giftening": Pete and Teddy are introduced.
  • "The Funk": Greg is introduced.
  • "The Rider": Barry is introduced.
  • "The Gift": In the scene prior to Wander and Sylvia sneaking into Lord Hater's ship, Wander pulls out a list with a bunch of Watchdogs' names on it. The names on the list are all named after the Wander Over Yonder Season 1 crew, but it does not include voice actors.

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