As Wander Over Yonder is translated from English to other languages, different voice actors are selected to perform the characters.


Jack McBrayer
Globe of Latin America Gabriel "Gabo" Ramos (Latin America)
Flag of Brazil Yuri Chesman (Brazil)
Flag of France.svg Pierre Le Bec (France)
Flag of the Netherlands Jop Joris (The Netherlands)
Flag of Poland Jacek Bończyk (Poland)
Flag of Japan Yasuaki Takumi (Japan)
Flag of Hungary.svg Máté Járai (Hungary)
Flag of DenmarkMads Knarreborg (Denmark)
Flag of Spain David Robles (Spain)
Flag of Italy.svg Gianfranco Miranda (Italy)
Flag of Germany 100px Patrick Roche (Germany)
Flag of Portugal Alexandre Carvalho (Portugal)
Flag of Israel Ido Rosenberg (Israel)
Savaş Pat (Turkey, Season 1) Harun Can (Season 2)


April Winchell
Globe of Latin America Claudia Panonne (Latin America)
Flag of Brazil Cecília Lemes (Brazil)
Flag of France.svg Marie-Noëlle Hébrant (France)
Flag of the Netherlands Frederique Sluyterman (The Netherlands)
Flag of Poland Magdalena Warzecha (Poland)
Flag of Japan Masako Katsuki (Japan)
Flag of Hungary.svg Tímea Sági (Hungary)
Flag of Denmark Ditte Hansen (Denmark)
Flag of Spain Laura Palacios (Spain)
Flag of Italy.svg Emanuela Baroni (Italy)
Flag of Germany 100px Martina Treger (Germany)
Flag of Portugal Mónica Garcez (Portugal)
Flag of Israel Rona Bekerman (Israel)
Arzu Akın (Turkey, Season 1) Seval Tufan (Season 2)

Lord Hater

Keith Ferguson
Globe of Latin America Javier Gómez (Latin America)
Flag of Brazil Cassius Romero (Brazil)
Flag of France.svg Robert Dubois (France)
Flag of the Netherlands Frans Limburg (The Netherlands)
Flag of Poland Jacek Król (Poland)
Flag of Japan Kenta Miyake (Japan)
Flag of Hungary.svg Zoltán Schneider (Hungary)
Flag of Denmark Mads M. Nielsen (Denmark)
Flag of Spain Roberto Encinas (Spain)
Flag of Italy.svg Alessandro Ballico (Italy)
Flag of Germany 100px Tilo Schmitz (Germany)
Flag of Portugal José Nobre (Portugal)
Flag of Israel Tzvika Forman (Israel)
Yaşar Karakulak (Turkey, Season 1) Sinan Divrik (Season 2)

Commander Peepers

Tom Kenny
Globe of Latin America Diego Brizzi (Latin America, episodes 1 to 6), Alejandro Graue (episode 7 onward)
Flag of Brazil Marcelo "Salsicha" Caodaglio (Brazil)
Flag of France.svg Philipe Tasquin (France)
Flag of the Netherlands Ewout Eggink (The Netherlands)
Flag of Poland Waldemar Barwiński (Poland)
Flag of Hungary.svg Szabolcs Seszták and Máté Szabó (Hungary)
Flag of Denmark Lars Ranthe (Denmark)
Flag of Spain Eduardo Bosch (Spain)
Flag of Italy.svg Edoardo Stoppacciaro (Italy)
Flag of Japan Tamura Kensuke (Japan)
Flag of Portugal Mário Redondo (Portugal)
Flag of Israel Gadi Levi (Israel)
Ahmet Tekeş (Turkey, Season 1) TBA (Season 2)

Emperor Awesome

Sam Riegel
Globe of Latin America Martín Gopar (Latin America)
Flag of France.svg Damien Locqueneux (France)
Flag of Italy.svg Gabriele Lopez (Italy)
Flag of Spain José Padilla (Spain)
Flag of Japan Hiroshi Shirokuma (Japan)
Flag of Israel Gadi Levi (Israel)

Badlands Dan

Clancy Brown
Globe of Latin America René Sagastume (Latin America)
Flag of Spain Rafael Torres (Spain)

Papa Doom Kevin Michael Richardson
Flag of Spain Rafael Azcárraga (Spain)
Lord of Illumination

John Hodgeman
Globe of Latin America Martín Gopar (Latin America)


Aziz Ansari
Globe of Latin America Jorge Riveros (Latin America)
Flag of Brazil Fábio Lucindo (Brazil)
Flag of Spain Jesús Alberto Pinillos (Spain)


Tara Strong
Globe of Latin America Camila Díaz Fraga (Latin America)

Sir Brad Starlight James Marsden
Globe of Latin America Martín Gopar (Latin America)
Flag of Spain Luis Reina (Spain)
King Draykor Fred Tatasciore
Globe of Latin America René Sagastume (Latin America)
Princess Demurra Jennifer Hale
Globe of Latin America Paloma Odriozola (Latin America)
Harvax Jeff Bennett
Flag of Spain Abraham Aguilar (Spain)
Stok Charlie Adler
Flag of Spain Fernando Cabrera (Spain)
Trudi Traveler Edie McClurg
Flag of Spain Ana Ángeles García (Spain)
Thrax Fred Tatasciore
Flag of Spain Miguel Zúñiga (Spain)
Troll Fred Tatasciore
Globe of Latin America Pablo Gandolfo (Latin America)
Flag of Spain Juan Antonio Arroyo (Spain)
Janet Kari Wahlgren
Globe of Latin America Gisela Viviano (Latin America)
Maurice Rene Auberjonois
Huckleberry Knucklehead Owen Faust
Queen Entozoa Rich Fulcher
Globe of Latin America Hernan Palma (Latin America)
Lord Dominator Fred Tatasciore (disguised)/Noel Wells
Flag of Spain Sara Polo (Spain)

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