A kiss is a way to show affection between two people. A person kisses another person by pressing his or her lips against another person's lips or cheek.

Known kisses

Picture(s) Episode Notes
S1e1a Binglebops kissingS1e1a Binglebops kissing 2S1e1a Sorrowful kissS1e1a Watchdogs kissingS1e1a Showered with kisses "The Greatest" The Binglebops kiss each other due to their love nature. During the beginning of the episode, they are shown kissing multiple times. When Lord Hater seizes control of the planet, two Binglebops kiss worrying who will save them. The Watchdogs also seem to kiss like they do during their montage at the fair. At the end, the Binglebops kiss Wander and Sylvia.
S1e1b Fantasy beast kisses babyS1e1b Sylvia kisses egg "The Egg" In Wander's fantasy, the beast kisses her baby. Later, Sylvia kisses the egg during the song The Bronco's Buck.
S1e2b Rock mother kisses her baby "The Fugitives" The rock mother kisses her baby after Wander gives it back to her.
S1e2b Motorhog kisses flower "The Bad Guy" During the renaming of Doomstone to Congenial Rock, the yellow Motorhog kisses a flower before putting it in place of the axe on the town sign.
S1e7 Squirrel kissing Westley "The Little Guy" During the song Wander Over Yonder End Title Theme, Westley helps a squirrel who did not get anything to eat by presenting it with a nut. The squirrel kisses him before setting off.
S1e9a Storybook Brad and Demurra kissingS1e9a Wander stops fightingS1e9a Drakor and Demurra kissing "The Hero" Brad is shown kissing Demurra in the storybook at the beginning. Later during Wander and Sylvia's fight with the hog guards, Wander is shown kissing one of them Brad yells "Stop!". Demurra and Drakor also kiss each other at their wedding.
S1e11b Wander 'Done!' 4 "The Tourist" While at the courtship ritual of the Lorb, an impatient Wander forces the Lorb to kiss each other.
S1e13a Wander and Janet near of a kiss "The Lonely Planet" Janet creates a man-eating plant and tries to kiss Wander, but is stopped by Sylvia.
S1e13b Wander kissing the Doom DragonS1e13b Lord Hater kissing the princessS1e13b Wander kisses Lord Hater's cheek "The Brainstorm" Wander kisses a Doom Dragon during Peepers' plan of using them in the invasion. Later during the plan of stealing the princess of Flendar and forcing her to marry Lord Hater, he is seen kissing her on the nose as they fly off. Later when it's revealed Wander was disguised as the princess and now Lord Hater is married to him, he kisses Lord Hater's cheek.
S1e14a Huckleberry's parents kissing him "The Toddler" Huckleberry's parents kiss him after finding him.
S1e11a Lord Hater kissing Entozoa "The Fancy Party" In an attempt to get Queen Entozoa to approve of his ways, Lord Hater kisses her on the dance floor.

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