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Lord Hater and Wander before narrowly escaping being blasted by the guards, an example of a near-death experience.

Throughout the course of Wander Over Yonder, many characters have faced life-threatening injuries or experiences. Most of the time, they have been narrowly rescued or escaped from their fates.

This is a list which covers the characters' near-death experiences. Episodes are listed in order of the dates they were aired in the US.



  • "The Prisoner" - Almost zapped to death by Peepers' blaster, until the red target dot lured him into a prison cell.
  • "The Little Guy" - He, along with Sylvia, were constantly aimed at by Westley's blaster.
  • "The Fancy Party" - Lord Hater and later Peepers almost zapped him to death.
  • "The Buddies" - He was almost eaten by a Sand Snapper, until Lord Hater reluctantly saved him.
  • "The Liar" - He and Sylvia were repeatedly zapped by the mother bird. Also, they almost died in the volcano.
  • "The Enemies" - He was nearly killed by the Sword of Synergy, weilded by Hater and Brad, until an arguement over what he says to them about teamwork destroys it.
  • "The Rider" - It is suggested by Wander that Frederick was going to eat him before he remembered who Wander was.
  • Hater shorts - Almost zapped to death.
  • "The Big Day" - Hater almost killed he and Sylvia. Surprisingly, this is the first time he actually asked Hater to kill him.
  • "The Rager" - Was planned to be killed next morning, but throws a party and escapes.
  • "The Matchmaker" - He and Sylvia were almost squished by the trash compactor.
  • "The Black Cube" - His soul was stolen by the Black Cube, but he immediately regained it minutes later.
  • "My Fair Hatey" - He and Hater were nearly put in lava by Lord Dominator, until an alarm stopped her from continuing.
  • "The End of the Galaxy" - He and Lord Dominator almost died during the explosion of her ship.


  • "The Little Guy" - Westley aimed at she and Wander with his blaster repeatedly.
  • "The Liar" - She and Wander were repeatedly zapped by the mother bird. Also, they almost died in the volcano.
  • "The Matchmaker" - She and Wander were almost squished by the trash compactor.
  • "The End of the Galaxy" - Almost killed by Lord Dominator's drill, but was saved by Lord Hater.

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