Episode Person/People How they helped him/her/them
"The Greatest" Bingleborps Wander waving to Binglebops Wander and Sylvia fought Lord Hater in a made up bonus round, he was defeated, and the city of Binglebopolopolis was librated from the skeletal humanoid's control.
"The Egg" Egg S1e1b Wander baby talk 3
Doom Dragon (Unwittingly) S1e1b Beast suddenly evil again
Egg's Mother S1e1b Mother and child reunited

Wander and Sylvia bring the egg back to the top of the nest, and when the creature was born, the Doom Dragon had an easier time finding his lunch (the creature).

The mother arrives at the last moments and helps them by roaring the dragon away.

"The Picnic" Emperor Awesome (unwittingly) S1e2a The Picnic - shark guy about to recieve some ultimate power Wander distracts Lord Hater long enough for Awesome to get to the temple and thus be there when the celestial being appears.
"The Fugitives"

Balloon Guy

Balloon Guy

Red and Blue Ant Army

S1e2b Peace!RedBlue

Rock Lady

Watchdogs (unwittingly) S1e2 oh no

Wander grabs a nail before Balloon guy steps on it and dies.

He breaks the peanuts the ants are fighting for in half, stopping the war between them.

He returns a rock baby to her mother.

A Watchdog drops his blaster so Wander will pick it up and hand it back to him, and the rest of the team capture him shortly afterwards.

All the people he helped return the favor and help him and Sylvia escape the planet.

"The Good Deed" Rabbit  S1e3a Heroic poseFleeblebort S1e3a Wedding arrival

birdlike creatures from the burning houses S1e3a The tree houses are saved miserable pigs S1e3a Planetoid arrival

Wander decides to help it, and learns it's hungry. Upon seeing a carrot hanging from a branch, he has Sylvia bounce him over to it so he can grab the carrot. He succeeds, and feeds it to the rabbit, curing it back into full health, saving the birdhead creatures from the burning treehouses

Wander doesn't want to give up and decides to help Fleeblebort get to the wedding on time. As Sylvia zips over to the wedding, Wander provides the appropriate racing-the-clock action music on his banjo. But once they get to the wedding -- where a crowd of hillbilly monsters are watching, Fleeblebort sees his fiancée, Marsha, with another monster, Spats. He announces he loves her and she says she loves him back. She cancels the wedding with Spats and she and Fleeblebort run off.

Sylvia is upset as two deeds went wrong and they must be having an off-day, but Wander disagrees and thinks they can still fix this. He apologizes to Spats for his true love going away, but Spats explains Marsha wasn't his true love, he was marrying her to stop the feud between both monster halves. Since he failed, the war is back on. Wander manages to stop the war by pretending to have a disturbing court session and acting as all the parts. As celebration, the monsters use their laser guns from wartime to make fireworks.

One of the fireworks however hits a set of treehouses belonging to a myriad of birdhead creatures, causing it to burn down. Wander stops the fire by zapping the top of a snowy mountain causing the snow to roll over it. As an addition, the treehouses and the creatures sprout flowers.

Wander stops the fire by zapping the top of a snowy mountain causing the snow to roll over it. As an addition, the treehouses and the creatures sprout flowers. This is also cut short as a Gracknore on top of the mountain where the snow used to be wakes up and starts rampaging a city populated by miserable business pigs. Wander saves them by trapping them in orbble transporter bubbles and bringing them to a muddy planetoid not far from the planet.

"The Pet" Lord Hater and Captain Tim Captain tim 4 Helps both of them by giving Captain Tim to the skeletal humanoid.
"The Troll" Prince Cashmere and the Ram Guards S1e5b Wander lounging He remains indifferent to the troll's insults, which prove to be the key to defeating him. Everybody at first believes Wander's being lazy at first, but they soon realize his plan and join him in order to ultimately defeat the troll.
"The Little Guy" Westley S1e7a Westley having a final thought Wander and Sylvia (mostly Wander) help him change to the side of good through the episode.
"The Ball" Beeza and Fleas S1e8b Celebration Wander and Sylvia do their best to drive off Buster, and when that doesn't work, Wander makes Buster's back the new home for the fleas.
"The Hero" Sir Brad Starlight S1e9a Wander always wanted to save a princess Wander and Sylvia accompany him to save Princess Demurra from King Drakor. When the truth is revealed and Demurra is captured, they join Drakor's army in order to save her, but she saves herself.
"The Nice Guy" A lot of people Wander opens the door to a centipede guy. He helps the cyclops do his shopping. He hands over the last Thunder Blazz drink to the Little Girl, who eventually gives it to Sylvia.
"The Time Bomb" Sylvia S1e10b Wander suggesting "Quicky McQuickersons"

Wander helps Sylvia overcome her "Time bomb" problem. He later promises to help her with her "sore winner" problem.

"The Lonely Planet" Planet Janet S1e13a Wander 'What's your name' Whilst landed on a empty planet, Wander compliments her causing a flower to germinate where he met Janet, He continues to do, after a while Janet begins to exploit with him which is a reason why she was trying to get rid of Sylvia yet the conflict was answered when Maurice arrived.
"The Toddler" Huckleberry Knucklehead S1e14b Wander “We're gonna get 'chu back to your folks! Isn't that great” Wander discovered him accidentally so they were trying to return him back to his parents, once they reached the mall kioskbut it turns out the "parents" at the kiosk were actually teenage girls looking for a lost cell phone, and it turns out his real parents were tiny bugs consequently thanking the duo.
"The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!" Finding the owner of the sock. S1e15a Chased by grizzly bears Wander unexpectedly sees a sock laying the ground, Sylvia suggest him by going to the Lost and Found department, Wander seems to be unenthusiastic but Sylvia assures her that the Lost and Found Guy will make sure the sock is reunited with its original owner. Wander hands the sock to him unwillingly, but before he leaves, The Lost and Found Guy informs Wander of a guru who can answer any question including the owner of the sock. He warns them that the path to the Intergalactic Guru is rather perilous, but Wander is excited about this, while Sylvia is annoyed. After passing the threatening obstacles, reaching the mountain where he is existing interrogating him if it is his sock yet he answered that it wasn't his. After a while, he discovered the return address which was inside the sock all the time. They went to the castle where Destructor lives, he was about to ask him but he instruct the guards to seize them. Sylvia is convinced that the sock actually matters to Wander, and does not want the quest to end in vain after Wander apologizes to Sylvia about dragging her on this quest only to meet their doom. She throws the sock to Destructor and asks if it belongs to him letting him to remember that he was used to gold and pleasant which is a result of returning to normal himself and returned to kingdom to it's original grandeur.
"The Party Animal" Emperor Awesome

S1e14a Wander jumping into his hat

Emperor Awesome was about to make a planet explode with his partying, but when Sylvia started to encourage Wander was able to compete against him by dancing once it started to get intensive, he outbursts which is a result of leaving the planet and never return again.
"The Date" Lord Hater

S1e18a Fast forward sequence 1 Sylvia S1e18a Wander and Sylvia in disguise along with Hater

Lord Hater has decided to destroy Planet Lemoriasince his date won't showed up, but Wander suggests they look for a replacement date, and suggests Sylvia to disguise as Linguini Von Breadstick to date him. After the glorious date between them, Hater is now happy to the point of deciding not to destroy the planet but then Hater gets down on one knee and questioned her about their marriage, once Sylvia was almost married to him, Wander was able to interrupt wedding and express that he was Hater's number one fan and always love him. Wander says he is getting Sylvia escape the marriage. Sylvia points out that now he will be spending a lifetime as Hater's wife, which, Wander admits, was poor planning on his part. Hater then decides to see other women and kicks the "ladies" out.
"The Liar" Bird family A bird family gets stuck on Mt. Krackyourbigtoa while It's starting to erupt, so Wander forces Sylvia to stay positive, yet Wander let down his positivism since there was now way out to the island but Sylvia thinks a way and succeeded to escape through the island.
"The Stray" Help Little Bits Wander and Sylvia take care of kitten, unknowingly she was working to Hater in order to capture both of them, once they both joined to the transporter, Sylvia punches him and herself out of the transporter, leaving Little Bits empty-handed.
"The Big Job" Save the Watchdog Scientist

S1e20a Wander escaping from the explosion

The scientist, which was comatose in that time, was saved Wander before HT-125-F is completely destroyed.

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