Episode Image Description
"The Greatest" Bingleborp S1e1a Planet of the Binglebops Colorful, and has been seen bouncing from left to right. In this planet is a city known as Binglebopolopolis.
"The Egg" Unnamed mountain planet S1e1b Mountain planet The planet is mostly surrounded by water, with a few patches of earth found across the surface and a huge mountain in a patch of earth, with smaller mountains nearby.
"The Picnic" Unnamed celestial planet S1e2a Celestial planet Round and completely rock solid. In this planet resides the Temple of the Celestial Being.
"The Fugitives" Indian Planet S1e2b Kingdom planet The planet has a huge sewer system connected across the entire surface, which ends at a tube under it. Inside it is an indian-like city.
"The Good Deed" Second unnamed planet S1e3a Desert planet The planet features a desert planet with hills, a forest, a set of tree houses, a mountain, and a city.
"The Troll" Baaaaa-halla S1e5b Baaaaa-halla opening shot The planet somewhat snowy and showing the perspective view of the Baaaaa-halla castle where the Prince Cashmere and the Ram Guards were use to live to.
"The Box" Third unnamed planet S1e6a Forest planet The planet is originally surrounded by forests.
"The Hat" Fourth unnamed planet S1e6b Mushroom planet The planet is besieged by clouds which features some tall mushrooms.
"The Little Guy" Bestley VS1e7 Approaching jungle planet The planet makes an appearance containing with a high blue mountain and some colorful plants downwards itself.
"The Ball" Ballzaria 9 S1e8b Planet that looks like a ball The planet seems to be highly reminiscent of the tennis ball.
"The Bounty" Phunulon planet S1e8a Phunulon The planet basically shows variety of carnival rides.
"The Nice Guy" Fifth unnamed planet S1e10a Hot planet The planet significantly shows planet with a store, surrounded by three large, boiling suns.
"The Time Bomb" Planetary Alignment S1e10b Planet alignment Most of the planets are empty but showing with various colors each of them.
"The Tourist" Planet Ziziks S1e11b Planet Ziziks overview

Various other planetsS1e11b Temple of BackalakabingbongUnnamed floral planetS1e11b Floral planetUnnamed lorb planetS1e11b Lorb planetUnnamed Hawaiian planetS1e11b Hawaiian planet

The planet was violet, showing an island featuring a large coconut tree and a beach. The other planets have varied appearances.

The planet's originally covered with grass, if you see the planet closely you will see any components of a statue which was isolated, also you will recognize the Temple of Backalakabingbong which is placed nothernwards the planetoid. 

The planet was pink, covered with flowers and curvy leaves.

Virtually, the planet is blue with a mother board pattern and various pink grasses.

A Hawaii-characteristic planetoid conisisting of a gigantic tiki along with the twosome volcanoes beside it, the rest was camouflaged with flowers.

"The Night" Sixth unnamed planet S1e12b Forest planet The planet is essentially purple surrounded by a forest.
"The Lonely Planet" Planet Janet S1e13a Drab planet The planet appears to change constantly, the first appearance looks like a dark planet surrounded by a grayscale sky which including a pink rose sitting on the ground.

She changes her planet to a dark planet to an ocean with a bunch of trees and bushes on the shore next to the water.

Changes into a tall mountain after that she rises Wander as a tree as soon he reaches top the day transitions to sunset making the landscape now sporting a forest.

She later spawn a cottage which inside of it shows the walls showing various pictures of Wander.

Her fourth changing presence, turns to a molten lava planet accommodating threesome of volcanoes.

"The Lonely Planet" Maurice

S1e13a Wander, Sylvia, Janet, and Maurice

Moon, detailing with a large mustache on it.
"The Brainstorm" Flendar

S1e13b Flendar Overview

Surface looks brown, with a fortress city located at the upper part of the planet. On some parts of the planet are what look like a few tubes connected to the city.
"The Toddler" Mall planet S1e14a Opening planet screen Looks like a complete city planet, with a gigantic mall.
"The Fancy Party" Fancy party planet S1e11a Opening planet The planet looks like a huge garden, with a castle at the top.
"The Epic Quest of Unfathomable Difficulty!!!" Desert planet S1e15a Opening planet Looks like a giant desert, with an indian city on a side and a city apparently made of sand on the top.
"The Party Animal" Orbble Planet S1e15a The Party Animal Opening planet Doesn't seem to have water and a good deal of it has cities.
"The Gift 2: The Giftening"

Deserted Planet S1e19a Planet Overview Mountain Planet S1e19a Overview of another planet 2

Water PlanetS1e19a Overview of water planet

Hollow Planet S1e19a Overview of another planet 3

The planet doesn't seem to have any sentient life in it.

The planet has a lot of mountains on It's surface.

The planet is completely submerged in water, with a few aquatic things seen in the deepest part of it.

The planet has a lot of holes in it.

"The Date" Planet Lamouria S1e16a The Date Opening planet The planet looks like a giant heart, with a yellow arrow-like object seen going through the planet.
"The Liar" Island Planet S1e17a Island planet Has many forests, lakes and Mt. Krackyourbigtoa.
"The Stray" Bleak Planet S1e17b Bleak planet The planet is divided in two sections, separated by a huge fog: the upper part looks like a giant city, while the lower half has no known cities and looks like a huge desert.
"The Big Job" Hologram Planet S1e20a Gridline view of planet The planet is never really seen outside of the hologram. However, it is known that it has a prison on the top.
"The Helper" Desert-like Planet S1e20a Desert planet The planet looks like a huge desert at first glance, but it has a few cities inside. It also has a Uranus-like planet with a huge purple ring around it nearby on It's orbit.
"The Funk" Cluckon S1e16a Egg planet The planet overall appearance looks like an egg, with a few trees with purple leaves on the surface.
"The Enemies" Jungle Planet S1e16a Colorful planet The planet is surrounded by many forests and jungles. The Lost Temple of Tagathoria is located in this planet.
"The Gift" Snow Planet S1e19b Snow planet

Various planets S1e19b Presents fall down to the planets

The planet is covered in snow, with a few mountains and other things resembling snowflakes. A cabin can be found in some part of the planet.

Most of the planets are unamed, The first planet which located at the down left from the picture was covered in desert featuring the clouds, the second planet is gold yet glowing red coming from the holes, the third planet was green, and the last is violet colored features a ring making it to resemble a Saturn planet.

"The Rider" Unnamed desert Planet S1e21 Desert planet The planet has some tall green mountains and a rockey surface, along with a handful of multicolored moons on It's orbit.