S2e1 Wander and Sylvia surrounded by Lord Dominator's minions

The inside of the ship.

Lord Dominator's ship is a massive black, red, and green ship that Lord Dominator lives in. It is controlled by a super computer, as are Dominator's minions. It is even bigger than some planets, as seen in "The Greater Hater". It has no doors, and instead has opening walls that help you get around. It's powered by a core as revealed in "My Fair Hatey". In that episode, Peepers froze it with the frostonium blaster, accidently giving Lord Dominator ice powers. Thanks to the ice powers Dominator and the ship now posses, Dominators Ship is in a constant color change between red and blue. The ship gets destroyed and explodes in "The End of the Galaxy" during Dominator's defeat.


  • As shown in "The Robomechabotatron", the ship is able to turn into a giant robot.
  • It is similar to the Imperial Star Destroyer in Star Wars but here are the following differences.
  1. Imperial Star Destroyers are much bigger while Lord Dominator's ship is smaller.
  2. The building on the ship is slightly smaller and the horns are a similar relation to the shield projectors on the Imperial Star Destroyer. However, the horns are only for design while the shield projectors give signal to the Imperial Star Destroyer.
  3. The ship only has guns on the point and the middle while Imperial Star Destroyer guns are almost everywhere on it, including the bottom of it. The gunfire on Lord Dominator's ship is red while the gunfire on the Imperial Star Destroyer is green.
  4. Her ship is red with green windows and black plates while the Imperial Star Destroyer's is gray with clear windows (black when seen from far away), and gray plates.
  5. There's only 1 giant thruster on her ship while the Imperial Star Destroyer has 3 with 6 mini thrusters. The colors are different as well, her thruster color is green while Imperial Star Destroyer thrusters are blue.
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