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Lord Hater's Boomapalooza: The Galactic Destruction Tour was an event that was supposed to happen in "The Big Day," wherein Lord Hater would blow up 12 planets in the course of 3 weeks.

Why it was made

After seeing Lord Dominator conquer a planet, Hater and Peepers decided to make this tour in order to show him they could also destroy planets.


Lord Hater was supposed to lead the event by using the Disaster Blaster 5000 to destroy the planets in a 3-week timespan. However, it was slightly put on hold when Wander and Sylvia just casually happened to pass by, which got Hater's attention.

Eventually, when it was time to start the event, it all fell down once Peepers discovered the Disaster Blaster 5000 was taken by Hater to destroy Wander and Sylvia, the event was canceled and it was never mentioned again.

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