Lord Hater's Prison Dimension
S1e16b Prison Dimension landscape
Landscape of the dimension.
Prison Dimension prisoners (formerly)
Thrax (formerly)
Wander (formerly)
Lord Hater (formerly)
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
"The Buddies"

"Lord Hater's Prison Dimension" is a dimension first seen in "The Buddies". Lord Hater and Wander get trapped here and have to act like buddies to survive. Lord Hater also sent Thrax and some other guys prior to the episode.

Physical Appearance

The prison dimension has a varying appearance that changes constantly. The first time It's seen, it looks equal to a desert. At night, the dimension looked purple and, from where Lord Hater was sitting, another nearby planet was seen. It also snowed at one point.

It changes even further during the "Best Friends Forever" musical number, where it is seen raining acid, giving some grass to it's landscape and much more.


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