This article is about the species. You may be looking for the character with the same name.
Lords of Illumination
S1e6a More Lords of Illumination
Membership Information
Notable members:
Lord of Illumination
Organizational Information
Type of organization:
Behind the Scenes
First appearance:
"The Box"

A "Lord of Illumination" (plural "Lords of Illumination") are a species in the galaxy. They make their first appearance, alongside one of their people, in "The Box".

Physical Appearance

All Lords of Illumination are tall humanoids with thin, purple bodies. They have white pupils and black sclera with what seems to be replicas of constellations in them. They have no hair, and have long three-fingered hands.

When they move afterimages of their bodies appear, although they can move without the need of afterimages.

They wear a long robe that constantly changes colors from red, to blue, to green and so on. The robe has a crystal in the chest area.


  • "The Box" (First appearance)
  • "The Gift"

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