Mind Combobulator
S1e13b The Mind Combobulator at Lord Hater's ship
First Appearance:
  "The Brainstorm"
Last Appearance:
  "The Brainstorm"

The Planetary Mind Combobulator is an object that Peepers thought of using to take over Flendar, appearently, Lord Hater would've been able to control Flendar with his own evil thoughts, but Hater thought the vibrational frequency of Wander's banjo would happen to match the Mind Combobulator, also that it would've blasted them to a island and that they had no idea who they were or how they got there and start over as fishermen but then Rosa would've showed and that would've ruined their friendship because they fought over her, and then she'll end up with Ron the Baker, and Hater was like "Why couldn't you just let me have her, Peepers?" and started crying.


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