Monkeyboy was a chimp that first appeared in The Waste of Time as an Easter egg.

He was supposed to play an important role in Season 3 [1], being related to one of the main four characters in a major way. However, since Wander Over Yonder has been cancelled and is not currently renewed for Season 3, the chimp's role in the show remains a mystery.



  • It has been theorized that Monkeyboy is Lord Hater, considering that their heads both look the same, and that Lord Hater used to be organic.
    • The creators have also teased this, claiming that Hater and Monkeyboy are entirely different characters and reminding the fans that characters can go by multiple names.[2]
  • At the end of credits from The End of the Galaxy when Dominator leaves the galaxy, there is a damaged NASA-like spacecraft from which green lightning crackles. The sound of a monkey screeching can be heard and blends into Hater's laughter. This implies that Hater is Monkeyboy, and also foreshadows Hater's backstory in season 3.