Orbble Juice
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First Appearance:
  "The Good Deed"

Orbble Juice is what Wander and Sylvia use to travel through the universe. It is kept in a small jar with a looped wand inside that looks remarkably like a soap bubble wand from Earth. When the wand is taken out of the jar and moved rapidly, a bubble forms. This can be done on a planet or in space. The orbble bubble will expand to hold one or more people and is typically large enough so that passengers can stand upright. To move and steer an orbble, the passengers only need to walk or run inside it. The faster the passenger runs, the faster the orbble moves.

An orbble provides a pocket of air that allows the passengers to breathe and is apparently self-replenishing. Orbbles are semi-permeable, allowing objects inside to pass through the surface, which is continually rotating. Objects or people can pass through the surface if someone from the inside reaches out to pull them in, but otherwise the surface is fairly durable. During their escape from a derelict ship, Sylvia created a second bubble by pushing Wander and Captain Tim away from her. When Captain Tim attempted to remove Wander's heart, Sylvia was able to merge the two bubbles back together and then threw Captain Tim outside. The spider was not able to break the bubble and get back in, but it was able to grab a part of it with its teeth. ("The Pet") However, orbbles can be punctured by very sharp objects such as asteroids or by strong impacts such as a gargoyle's wings. ("The Bad Guy") Sound is able to pass either direction through the surface, as evidenced by Sylvia and Wander being able to talk to each other while in separate orbbles.

Orbble Juice can eventually run out. After crash-landing on an asteroid fragment, Sylvia convinced Wander to pretend to be a bad guy while visiting Doomstone while they searched for more. Wander was so convincing that Papa Doom agreed to a trade, and after he and Sylvia helped the residents to show their true nature, Papa Doom gave wander a jug with enough juice "to get you guys wherever you want to go". ("The Bad Guy")

Wander normally keeps his jar inside his hat. Sylvia may have her own jar.


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