Planet Janet
S1e13a Drab planet
Janet in her usual mood, with Wander on her
Species: Living Planet
Gender: Female
Friends and Family
Sylvia (formerly)
Love interests:
Wander (formerly)
Physical Information
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Lonely Planet"
Voiced by:
Kari Wahlgren

Planet Janet is a character and planet that appears in the episode, "The Lonely Planet".


Janet is a nice planet that however tried to force Wander and Sylvia apart vehemently angrily.




S1e13a Wander ''Pancakes''

Janet used to like Wander in a "love" way. She tried to force him and Sylvia away from each other and she trapped Wander in a cottage and tried to kiss him, until Sylvia came along and punched her, so it was revealed that she wanted a friendship like Wander and Sylvia.


Janet used to hate Sylvia and forced her and Wander away from each other by making a slur of obstacles.



To cheer Janet up, Maurice came and complimented her and she said he was going to "melt her already frozen ice caps". So it looks like they're in a relationship now.


Season 1

  • "The Lonely Planet"
  • "The Gift" (No lines)


  • Since Lord Dominator wants to destroy the Galaxy, it's quite possible that she may be deceased.
  • She can be described as a yandere, a character who seems innocent, but becomes dangerous if someone takes the attention of her loved one.

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