S1e10b Planet alignment

An example of planetary alignment.

A "Planetary Alignment", also known as "Syzygy", is an event where, as the name implies, the planets of a solar system or galaxy align. Different things usually happen whenever the planets align, and the time, date and location where the alignment happens tends to vary.

In "The Picnic"

Lord Hater's scheme of the day involved a planetary alignment over the temple of the Celestial Being.

Eventually, once everything was done and Hater had made his wish, the planets presumably returned to their original position.

The location of the planetary alignment was in the planet where the temple was located, and the date is currently unknown. The alignment happens once every millenium, as stated by Hater.

In "The Time Bomb"

The planetary alignment played a small, but key role in the episode, since it made possible the race track for the Galactic Conjunction 6000. The alignment happens once a year.

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