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Prince Cashmere is the prince and apparent ruler of Baaaaa-halla, a planet of ram warriors that sort of resemble viking yet are kind-hearted. While Wander and Sylvia were traveling, they ended up at Baaaaa-halla and Prince Cashmere held a feast for the rams. During the feast, there was a loud knocking at the door and all of the rams were scared, making Wander and Sylvia confused. It was the rams' arch enemy, "The Troll". He is small green and defenseless, though the troll grew larger and more powerful when he insulted them and when they got offended. Wander later figured out that if you ignore him he will decrease in size and power. At the end the Rams, including Cashmere, were ignoring his comments and he was tiny. Prince Cashmere had a large feast in honor of Wander and Sylvia.



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