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"Ride Sylvia Ride"
Sylvia worm surfing
Sylvia riding the worm
Song by The Two Man Gentlemen Band
Genre(s): Rock and roll
The Two Man Gentlemen Band chronology
Previous: "Hot Dog Eatin'"
Current: "Ride Sylvia Ride"
Next: "Westley, You're the Best"

"Ride Sylvia Ride" is a song from "The Hat". It is played when Sylvia is 'surfing' /riding the worm.


Ride, Sylvia, Ride
Ride, Sylvia, Ride
Glide, Sylvia, Glide
Now, Dive, Sylvia, Dive


  • First song where Sylvia is alone in the song.
  • The song's music is the same background music during the Motorhog chase in "The Bad Guy".
  • In the last line (Now, Dive, Sylvia, Dive), the closed captioning says "Now, Ride, Sylvia, Ride."


ASCAP Work #886482744

"What's In The Box?"
Songs Next:
"Westley, You're the Best"

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