S1e13b Rosa
Gender: Female
Friends and Family
Physical Information
Long black and purple colored
Slender, pink
A dark pinkish dress with a floral theme
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  "The Brainstorm"
Last Appearance:
  "The Brainstorm"

Rosa is a character who appears in The Brainstorm.

She acts as the love interest of Lord Hater and Commander Peepers when they're fishermen, but she eventually falls for Ron the Baker instead, leaving both Hater and Peepers depressed.


Rosa appears in one of the hypothetical outcomes of Peepers plan to use the Mind Combobulator for the invasion on Flendar. While Hater and Peepers are fishing, she appears and blows them a kiss, causing a fight between them and ruining their partnership. During the fight, she somehow falls for Ron, leaving both Hater and Peepers alone.

Physical Appearance

Rosa is a young woman of unknown species. She has light pink skin and long hair that is two colors: black and violet, and which has a pink flower in it. She also wears a dark pink dress with what appears to be a floral theme.


  • "The Brainstorm" (First appearance)(Last appearance)