The Schmartians
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"The Axe" (as a cameo on the leaderboard)
"The Battle Royale" (official)

The "Schmartians" are an evil race of green alien invaders who conquer all in their path. They are one of the most powerful villains in the galaxy collectively according to Galactic Villain Leaderboard, usually being in the top 10 or the top 20 and having plenty of planets under their control.

Physical Appearance

They are a race of slimy and green humanoid aliens of average height with singular cycloptic eyes and butt-shaped heads. They wear space suits with green dome helmets.

Powers and Abilities

They usually rely on either their fists or their ray guns in combat. Alone, they are about as tough as the Watchdogs or Fist Fighters, but together they can be quite overwhelming and will gang up on others. They mainly fight in their flying saucers which have laser weapons.


  • Their name is an obvious respelling of Martian.
    • They are also inspired by the martians from the 1996 film Mars Attacks!.
  • As of October 26th they are no longer on the Galactic Villain Leaderboard.
    • They are also the only species on the leaderboard.