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The Secret Planet is an incredibly small planet and the only planet in the galaxy that wasn't destroyed by Lord Dominator.


In "The Secret Planet," Wander found the planet on a map, and found nobody knew about it. He chose it as a vacation spot, not letting anybody know it was there...until some refugees came by. After several groups of visitors came, the ruckus was almost found by Dominator. Wander managed to avoid this, and found that Sylvia had burrowed into a mountainside. Since then, Wander led more and more refugees to this cave.

In "The End of the Galaxy," this is the ONLY PLANET LEFT. Several refugees here make their final attack, while Wander sneaks off to reform Dominator. Wander accidentally reveals the planet to her. Meanwhile, Hater finds the planet and charges straight at it to conquer it and protect it from Dominator. Dominator attacks the planet right as Hater shields it. Dominator's drill gets sent through her ship, and it implodes. She storms off. Hater announces the planet as his.

Last we saw, the Secret planet is still the only planet left, although the flowers are quickly fixing that.


It is separated from it's star by another few planets, so it can't reflect sunlight. It's too small to see just looking through space. The gravity is too low for radar to detect.

About half the planet is covered in ocean. There's a decent sized mountain on one side and a large hill on another. Otherwise, it's dominated by forest. Sylvia burrowed a huge cave into said mountain. The forest is diverse, with palms close to water and thick-leaved trees on the other side. The forest has a clearing thanks to the early refugees and businessmen. There must be magic involved in the planet, as trees can grow with almost no sunlight. However, after the galaxy was ruined, it has a sunlight cycle. It doesn't seem to rotate or revolve, just like the rest of it's system.

All inhabitants are not from there. They come from the rest of the galaxy. Most are refugees. It happens to be the only planet where the yellow bulb flower does not grow.

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