"Star Wanderer" is a non-canon comic that's a crossover between Wander Over Yonder and Star Wars. It was drawn by Ben Balistreri and written by Frank Angones.


The modal nodes discover one of their fans came for their performance.

Plot overview

At the cantina, the modal nodes discuss about someone appearing in their play at the cantina. When they go to look, they find Wander has come to see them. After he asks if they can play the cantina song, one of them snaps and tells them that they only know two songs.

Wander asks if they can play the cantina band song first, and after an awkward response, the leader of the modal nodes says that they'll leave and never play again there. The owner agrees, since he got a contract with Lord Hater and the harbingers of doom.

After Wander becomes Hater's biggest fan, the leader wonders what has he done, and the comic ends.

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