Sword of Synergy
First Appearance:
  "The Enemies"
Last Appearance:
  "The Enemies"

The Sword of Synergy was a powerful sword introduced in "The Enemies". They have been handled by Lord Hater and Sir Brad Starlight in order to eradicate Wander.

However the sword was destroyed later since Hater and Brad Starlight were fighting over this.

Physical Appearance

S1e16b He fits the other half of the sword

The dark half, held by Hater.

The first half-part of the sword wielded by Lord Hater was maroon so as its design with a flaming neon pink, while the second half-part held by Sir Brad Starlight is a gold accommodating of red antique drawing of the sword but the glowing color is different to the first-half itself and it is turquoise.
S1e16b Brad revealing the other half of the sword

Brad with the light half.

When the two parts of the sword joined together, the sword is originally white, the blade is containing some curvy cracks of it as seen in the picture, the guard part of the sword is axe-like, with a cylinder pommel.


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