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(Static. Cut to reveal Wander on his X, but Hater is nowhere to be found.)
Wander: Pbbbbt. Pop. Pop. (makes random noises) Meow, meow, meow, meow, meow. (breathes, then sees the camera is rolling) Oh, hi! Um... Lord Hater's in the little skeleton's room, but he should be back to destroy me on live TV any second now. (Smiles and hums.) Yup. Should be real soon. Y'know, he has been in there for a while. Uh, I should probably go check on him. (Wander easily gets out of his shackles and walks off.)
(A Watchdog janitor comes in with a mop and sees the camera. He walks up to the podium and squints closely at the camera. The Watchdog gasps and rolls the podium away. He gets a boombox out, presses play and does a breakdancing routine.)
Êtes-vous un globe oculaire?
Oui? Mais non.
Danse avec moi.
(Hater returns.)
Hater: What are you doing? Get out of here! (The Watchdog runs away, and Hater kicks the boombox out and then notices the empty X.) Wait, where's Wander?!

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