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(Static. Cut to Hater's face in front of the camera.)
Wander: (offscreen) Hater, I'm sorry, but you've been trying to destroy me all day and it hasn't been going so well. Are you sure you don't wanna try something a little easier?
(Hater steps back from the camera to talk to Wander.)
Hater: No! I have to destroy you to show the galaxy how evil I am so people will start taking me seriously again! How else am I supposed to prove how awesome I am?!
(A blast is heard offscreen shaking the set and causing the camera to fall over and Wander to fall off his rack.)
Awesome: (offscreen) Did somebody say, "Awesome?!"
Hater: (offscreen) Emperor Awesome! I knew you'd show up! No, actually I didn't. Why are you here?
Awesome: (offscreen) 'Cause I saw your lame broadcast! So I figured it was the perfect time to come on over and kick your butt in front of everybody!
(The camera starts shaking and we hear a huge fight between Hater and Awesome.)
Hater: Yeah! (Wander readjusts the camera and we see Awesome's boots on the ground next to Hater.) I did it! Lord Hater, Number One Superstar!! Oh, that was so cool! I was all like (tough noises) and he was all like (scared noises)! Now everyone will know... THAT I AM THE GREATEST IN THE GALAXY!!!! Tell me you got that!
Wander: Um… (shrugs) Yeah.
Hater: WOOHOO!!!

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