I'll call my new planet whatever I want! I'll call my new planet whatever I want!

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Probes, get in here! Oh, please tell me one of you found a non-lame planet to dominate. We're running low on Volcanium X. You, Bot 42, show me what you've got. Scouting Measlon 3. Trace elements detected. Population zero. Seriously? Just one planet? And this useless hunk of rock is the best you've got? I wouldn't even get out of bed to destroy this. Recommendation: Do not dominate. Gee, ya think? Bot 13, show this poor, pathetic bot how it's done. Scouted: Thebulon 9. Volcanium X detected. Scouted: Strualiax. Volcanium X detected. Scouted: Aggrothia. Volcanium X detected. Recommendation: Dominate Yes! That is what I'm talkin' about. Why can't the rest of you be more like Bot 13? As for you, you've disappointed me for the last time! Now the rest of you, get back to work! Affirmative, Lord Dominator. Target acquired. Seacironicus 12. Commence scouting protocol. Sylvia, look. Sylvia, look at me! Sylvia, you're not looking! That's nice, Wander. After all the running we've been doing lately, I'm gonna make the most of this place before Dominator wrecks it, too. Good golly, I am so sorry. Are you a Dominator probe? Still, the poor guy sure looks like he needs some help. Hello there. You okay? What's your name? Beep Boop, huh? Nice to meet you, Beep Boop. Folks call me Wander. What brings you round these parts? Explore planet. Identify planet's valuable resources. Hey, me, too. Aw, you don't seem so bad. Wanna be travel pals? Right! Sylvia, I'd like you to meet Wander, buddy, I promise to be super interested after my post-sleep nap. Why don't you go check out the boardwalk? Sure thing, Syl. Come on, Beep Boop. Yeah, beep boop, wazzle fazzle. Whatever A vacation's twice as fun when you have a travel pal to share it with. Scanning for Volcanium X. Volcanium X detected. Great idea, Beep Boop. I love games. Volcanium X detected. Hmm. I really think it's that one. Oh, well, better luck next time. Volcanium X. Eggs? Oh, you're hungry. It's kind of hot for eggs, but I know just what you need. Analyzing. Sample consists of sugar, dairy substances, c-c-corn syrup. Ice cream isn't just a bunch of ingredients. It's the smiles of children. The joy of a delicious cold treat on a hot day. The best things in life are more than just a list of their parts. But between you and me, the secret ingredient is love! Volcanium X detected. What is it, travel pal? Volcanium X detected. Oh, I get it. Oh, you look great! - Let's try on everything! - Negative, negat Whoo-hoo! Beep Boop, you've been such an amazing travel pal, so I got you a present. I saw how much you wanted it, so I went back and I won it for you. Volcanium X! Wander, where are you, buddy? A Dominator bot? Wander, no! Well, hey, Sylvia. Meet my friend Beep Boop. Friend? That hunk of metal is one of Dominator's probes. Well, sure, on the outside. And on the inside, it's all lava and lasers, and a computer brain programmed only for destruction. He also likes ice cream, and making silly faces, and Wander! That thing is gonna signal Dominator to come destroy this planet with us on it. Oh, Beep Boop loves this place. He would never do anything Volcanium X obtained. System repair in progress. like that? Beep Boop! Stop! Please don't leave. We had so much fun today, didn't we? We could have fun tomorrow, too, if you wanted. Beep Boop! Get a grip, buddy. That's an evil robot. He's not evil. He's my pal, and he'll be back. - I know it. - Yeah, back to destroy this planet. We need to warn people to get outta here before Dominator shows up. - I'm not leaving without Beep Boop. - Wander. Ugh. Bot 13, report. You better have something good for me. What? No way! No one planet has that much Volcanium X. With all that, I could power my entire army forever! Bot 13, you are the man! I am gonna rock this world. Literally. I'm gonna turn it into a rock about this big. Where is the place? Bot 13, display coordinates. Bot 13? Bot 13, I said display coordinates. Access your stupid memory chip, and download your data file. I built you, and I can unbuild you, you bucket of bolts. The best things in life are more than just a list of their parts. Bot 13! - I am Beep Boop. - What?! No No! No, no, no, no, no! Cancel deletion. No, reverse, reverse! Noooo!! You ruined everything! You You You piece of junk! Oh, what a disappointment. I am Beep Boop. I thought Beep Boop would be back by now. Hm, so did I. Buddy, don't you see? He didn't sell us out to Dominator after all. Maybe you really did get through to that bot. Huh. I guess so. Hey, look, a shooting star. - Make a wish. - Good luck, Beep Boop.